Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Last 24 Hours on Kickstarter!

Soon our latest kickstarter campaign will be over. I'm really happy to announce that we've already reached our funding goal (on Tuesday) and that we are now trying to reach some stretch goals that lie beyond the finish line. The first stretch goal has already been reached. At $17,500 we've unlocked Raya as an additional character for the Papertoy PDF and should we reach $20,000 before the campaign ends in 24 hours, we'll also unlock Loki.

Just to make sure that you're not missing an opportunity that won't come again here's a list of items that are exclusive to the kickstarter campaign and that will never be sold in that form again:

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  1. Wunderbares Kickstarter Projekt Daniel. Diese Tresure Box ist echt genial!. Gratuliere!