Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chapter 3 now available in the app!

Chapter 3 now is finally available inside the Wormworld Saga App for iPad and Android tablets.

I'm sorry that it again took a lot longer than expected. I was expecting at least some delay because I hadn't finished the special features in time. Then the French translation got delayed, there were some delays at the developer and the Apple submission took a little bit longer than expected, too. Well, of course we'll try to be faster the next time but the whole process is really complicated as hell so I won't make false promises to you.

Ok, but now Chapter 3 has landed on the app and of course I want to tease you a bit to purchase the Collector's Edition by showing some small peaks into the special content.

I added two new items to the artbook section of the app. In "The Making of Chapter 3" you'll find some work in progress "color blockings" of panel artwork and I show a lot of my character and creature development artwork (studies, drawings, digital sculptures).

"Sketchbook #2" has a bunch of recent and older (but never published) sketches associated to Chapter 3.

And the Colector's Edition of Chapter 3 of course comes with Artwork Mode (you can fade out the word balloons in order to examine the artwork) and Sketch mode (you can switch to a preliminary sketch version) which again contains a lot of behind the scenes author commentary.

I also want to announce that I'm very aware of the fact that there are many people who are interested in the special content but don't own a tablet device to run the app. I'm currently looking into possibilities to provide these special features in formats that don't require a tablet device. I'll keep you updated on that!