Saturday, September 13, 2014

72 Hours Left on Kickstarter!

We're closing in on the end of the English Wormworld Saga book kickstarter campaign. There's a final stretch goal to reach which will add a free poster of a brand new Wormworld Map to all packages. The reward you will receive as a backer already is impressive:

You'll get the book with a ton of freebies for $25 worldwide shipping included. And we've successfully unlocked the Deluxe Edition upgrade option. For an additional $15 dollar your book will be clothbound, gold embossed, limited & numbered. It's a once in a lifetime edition!

You definitely won't regret it to become a backer. But you might regret it not to become one! ;)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Your Fanart for the English Wormworld Saga Book

I just realized that I didn't post this info on the blog yet. I seriously need a checklist to keep track of all the channels I'm posting to!

So, we've managed to fund the printing of the English Wormworld Saga book on kickstarter and the book is based on the German edition - which includes fan artwork from German artists only - I'd like to call for your submissions for international fan artwork. You'll find some more info in the video above and for ALL the details just visit

There's one week left for your submission. I'm really sorry that I missed posting this info here ealier but maybe you'll be able to come up with a fan artwork until then.

Meanwhile, things are running well on kickstarter. Over the weekend we've reached the penultimate stretch goal that added some more freebies to the standard book reward - a sword-shaped signed bookmark and a free 1-year-membership for The Attic - and we're now shooting towards the ultimate stretch goal: the Deluxe Edition! Together with the standard hardcover book I'd love to publish a limited clothbound and gold embossed edition:

We're already pretty close to the goal but any help is appreciated to push us over the line! All rewards offer great value for your money and worldwide shipping is already included. Have a look and maybe become a backer here: 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Half-Time on Kickstarter

We're well into the second half of our kickstarter campaign and just today we've reached the 150% mark, where another freebie has been unlocked for all backers with the $25 reward and above. The book already has become a real bargain, especially if you consider that worldwide shipping is included in the price:

We're now trying to add a signed bookmark and a free 1-year-membership for The Attic as additional freebies to the package, and the ultimate goal of the campaign has also been announced:

If we reach the 200% mark at $24K you'll be able to upgrade your book to a limited Deluxe Edition which will be clothbound and gold embossed, signed and numbered.

We've got 13 days left and are $6K away from this goal. I think we can do it but it might become a close one. Any help with pushing towards this goal is greatly appreciated!