Monday, September 24, 2012

Die Wormworld Saga - Band 1

Today I want to share some images from the production of the first Wormworld Saga Book with you. My publisher Joachim Kaps and Head of Production Martina Stellbrink visited the print facility that produces the book to make sure that everything turns out just like we imagine:

Joachim and Martina inspect a test printing of the cover sheet
Some test prints of the cover sheet
Some printed pages of the book
The fact that they took the time to inspect the printing in person gives evidence of the fact that Tokyopop puts a lot of love and care into the production of this book. The first edition will come in glorious hardcover with special effects on the logo and it will contain a small collector's print of "The Journey Begins" (which you can actually see in the last image above). The book has 128 pages and features the first three chapters of the German version of the Wormworld Saga, an illustrated article about the project, a sketchbook section, and a fan art gallery. I'm extremely thrilled about the book and really can't wait to present the final product on Franfurt Bookfair in the middle of October. 

The Wormworld Saga still is a digital comic and I'm completely dedicated to it's native digital form. The massive spreading of the story around the world and the many translations that have already been provided by fans would never have happened without the mechanisms of the internet. The Wormworld Saga App  is the way I ever imagined the story to be experienced and I will continue to put a lot of effort into improving it with every update. However, seing the wonderful job Tokyopo has done on the layout and the production of this first book makes me feel very happy. I know that a lot of fans are waiting for a printed version of the Wormworld Saga and I'm really looking forward to reach out to all the new readers that would never have encountered the story in it's digital form.

You can actually preorder the book on Amazon already and it will be released on 4th October. However, if you are looking for a very special edition of the book and can wait just a few weeks longer for the book I'd suggest that you become a backer of the fundraising campaign we are currently having on kickstarter. There you can get a special edition of the book which is going to be handsigned and stamped with the kickstarter exclusive blue Wormseal stamp AND will come with three 15x20cm art prints of the three chapter illustrations. These three prints are also handsigned and stamped, have rounded corners and will never be available with these features again:

The campaign ends this week on Saturday so if you can spare $30 and want to grab one of these gems don't hesitate!


  1. MAAAAN This is just freaking awesome!!!
    (I'm telling it as if I did't know it was coming but still WOW!!!)

  2. Any semblence of a chance for English hardcover copies? I know logistically its not easy, but worth a try asking.

  3. Tried to preorder, but I guess it's too early... Seems Amazon is not ready yet. I got a browser bug, but will try it later.

    Very Nice Daniel
    PS: I want a personal autograph at our next MA Daniel! ;)

  4. Ich hab grad gesehen, dass du dein Kickstarterziel erreicht hast!

    Jetzt fühle ich mich fast etwas überflüssig mit meinem Kommentar hier.
    Da ich ja selbst keine Kreditkarte hatte, habe ich gedacht, dass ich dich anders unterstütze - schließlich will ich den Plüschloki! ;)

    Vielleicht hat es ja was gebracht, war seit Montag online:

    kleine Werbung für dich meinerseits

    Viele Grüße,

    Und das Buch brauche ich definitiv auch!

  5. Hello, I just bought the book and I must say the quality is outstanding! The extra printed artwork "Die Reise beginnt" of the first edition is, as well as the whole book, beautifully printed and at least as much enjoyable and fascinating as the online edition.... for booklovers as myself I even tend to like the printed version more, as I love to snuggle up in bed and drink hot cacao while I turn the pages and get soaked in by your beautiful artworks. I also love the background information and sketches, I think it is a very refreshing idea to involve the community by adding fanart, also.
    I look forward to coming chapters and the printed versions of them, as I hope that the first book sells well.

    Ich danke dir für deine Mühe gegenüber uns Fans, seien es Youtube Videos, Blogbeiträge, oder die herrliche Geschichte selbst.

    Vielen Dank!