Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chapter 3, Milestone 3 reached!

Alright, things ran a lot smoother with this third milestone of Chapter 3. It contained a lot more smaller panels than the average milestone and I had less work with the backgrounds. I was able to finish this one in 8,5 workdays, which is pretty much what I'm aiming at in general (my goal is to accomplish a milestone in less than two weeks = 10 workdays). However, this is not to say that this  milestone wasn't special for me. In fact I'm not able to show you very much from the third milestone because I introduced two new characters in it and there's a lot of action and dialog going on. So, for this milestone it's only one panel that I can share:

I really like this one because it communicates the movement pretty well, I think. It also makes for a nice color composition from an abstract standpoint.

Now, next week we enter April and the release of Chapter 3 is getting really close. I'm optimistic that 4 weeks will be enough for me to finish the last two milestones. I have already finished the texts and they will go out to the translators within the next few days. I'll throw in some extra hours in order to get the layout and the special content for the app ready in time and I think we can all look forward to a late April release of Chapter 3. It's going to be SO exciting to get this one out!

Now, back to work!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chapter 3, Milestone 2 reached!

Man, I thought this moment would never come! Seriously, I've got totally tangled up in this second milestone like I've never experienced before. Note to myself: NEVER EVER let over 50% of a milestone be composed of full scale panorama images! It took me 80 hours to finish this milestone. Thats double the time of a regular milestone. I'm going to have to work very hard to keep my schedule for Chapter 3 but it's still doable. I'll have to change the way I'm handling the translations though. Normally I finish all the artwork and do the layout before I send the chapter to the translators. This time I expect to work on the artwork until the very last minute before the release of Chapter 3. So, I think I'm going to finish the dialog on the prelim version and send this out to the translators to give them enough time to do their work.

Well, the good news in all this is, that Chapter 3 is going to be spectacular! I can't show much of Milestone 2 because each single panel contains major spoilers but here's what I've got. The first two are only portions of much larger panels:

As you can see, I'm not the only one floored by the amount of work. I was really getting nervous when I realized that I had loaded too much work on my shoulders for this milestone. However, I'm happy about all the work I put into Chapter 3 so far. I want to make sure that it makes a lasting impression on the reader. I really wished I could present you the most spectacular panels right now because I'm really proud of them. But we all wil lhave to wait until Chapter 3 is released. Seing all the artwork in one huge composition will be quite an experience I guess. 

Well, still three milestones to go and the release date is looming. I better go back to work! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Wormworld Saga App for Android launched!

Man, we had to wait quite some time for this! But today I'm finally able to announce the launch of:

The app needs Android 3.2 or higher running on your device and a large screen. This is a list of devices, the app is designed to run on:



ARCHOS 101G9(A101) 
ARCHOS 80G9(A80) 
ARCHOS 80G9(A80S) 
Archos 101 Internet Tablet(A101S)

EeePad Slider SL101(SL101) 
EeePad Transformer TF101(TF101) 
Transformer Prime TF201(TF201) 
Transformer TF101G(TF101G) 

Dell Streak 10 Pro(Streak10Pro)



Lenovo Mobile
IdeaTab S2010A-D(msm8660_surf) 

XOOM 2(pasteur) 

Panasonic Corporation

Android Tablet PC(TabletPC) 
Android Tablet PC(DukeWifi) 
Android Tablet PC(Duke3G) 
Chagall 10.1 WiFi(chagall) 

Philips Electronics

Quanta Corporation

Galaxy Tab 10.1(GT-P7510)
Galaxy Tab 10.1(GT-P7500)
Galaxy Tab 10.1(SCH-I905)
Galaxy Tab 8.9(SGH-I957)

Sony Tablet P(nbx02) 
Tablet S(nbx03)



So, looks like I can look forward to many new users for the Wormworld Saga App! Remember, it is a free app and you can read the complete standard version of the graphic novel inside the app for free. If you want to support the project, you can purchase a Collector's Edition of each chapter inside the app which will grant you access to several special features which are currently exclusive to the app. I hope you all enjoy the Wormworld Saga App for Android!

In other news, I'm still working on the second milestone. A good deal is finished but this will definitely be the most elaborate milestone I ever had. The amount of detail in the panels is pure madness. I'm going to be very busy the next two months in order to get this chapter out in time.

So, better back to work!