Thursday, June 26, 2014

Chapter 6. Milestone 4 reached!

Oh, what's that over there? Could it be? Yes, I guess it's ... the FINISH LINE! I can SEE it!

So, milestone 4 is reached and that means that it's only a couple of weeks now until all the artwork for Chapter 6 will be finished. During that time I will also have to finalize my texts, work on the English, Spanish and French translation, do the layout and the extra features for the app and The Attic. AND, there's going to be one more thing! I've talked about it here and there but I guess it's a time to announce it somewhat officially now: Together with Chapter 6 I'm going to launch a kickstarter campaign for the first volume of the English book edition. So, everyone who's waiting for the English book will be able to help to make it happen very soon. More on that later.

I'm not yet ready to commit to a fixed date for the launch of Chapter 6 but we're pretty much shooting for a late July/early August release here. I actually can't wait for it to happen. I want to send this behemoth of a chapter into the world and see what it does.

As for this milestone:

Milestone 4 always is a tricky thing. It's really hard to enjoy the fact that 80% of the work is done because I can only think about the finish line that's coming really close. My mind wanders to that glorious day not so far in the future when the last panel will be painted. That's going to be huge. But you don't arrive there by accident. It's hard work until then and every panel and every milestone counts.

I've spent nearly 100 hours on milestone 4 and you're seing me fixing the drapes there because the entire milestone takes place inside the throneroom of the Azure Palace. I guess I don't spoil anything if I'm telling you that. I think that it can be expected from a storytelling standpoint that we will meet the King of the Center. But what will this meeting be like? Maybe the preview image will give you a hint about that:

Please let me remind you that members of The Attic receive additional preview images at each milestone. There already are 14 preview images available over there!

In some other news:

Video2Brain recently released the last one of the three video trainings that I've recorded this year. This time the video is particularly interesting for fans of the Wormworld Saga because it's a character design training in which I take Jonas to demonstrate the different aspects of my character design process:

There are several outakes from the 2 hour training available on YouTube and I'd especially like to point you to this one where I talk about some aspects of Jonas' personality and how those are reflected in his costume:

Again, I'm sorry that these videos currently only exist in German language.

That's it for now. I'm going back to work to finish that last milestone!