Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chapter 2 - Preliminary version

Ok, same procedure as last year! I have just finished the first draft of the grayscale preliminary version of chapter 2. I have not yet set the milestone marks because I want to let the first draft of this preliminary version rest for some time now. In the next weeks I will concentrate on the Wormworld Saga App (including work associated with the kickstarter campaign) and when that's wrapped up I will have gained enough mental distance to this preliminary version in order to be able to tell if changes have to be made. The storytelling gets much more complicated in the second chapter and I really want to make sure that everything works perfectly before I start painting the final artwork.

However, what I can already say is, that chapter 2 will be approximately 25% longer than the first chapter so you can look forward to a juicy update as soon as it is released! And there's another thing I can tell you. The title of chapter two will be:

Chapter 2 - The Journey Begins

So, in the next update I hope to be able to show some sneak peeks from the Wormworld Saga App production.

I wish everyone a happy easter!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Kickstarter closes with $23.729 - lots of work ahead!

The big news of course is the successful funding of the Wormworld Saga App on The backers there have pledged nearly double the amount of the original funding goal and that leaves me in pure awe. Yesterday I posted a video update on and I figure that I can put it here, too. There is some information about the usage of the funds and some specific information for backers in it but I also talk generally about the next steps in the creation of the app and the online graphic novel.

To put it in a nutshell: there's a lot of work ahead and I will keep you updated on everything concerning the Wormworld Saga. The next update most likely will be the kickoff of the production of chapter two. I have worked over 15 hours on the preliminary version already and I soon will be able to set up my milestones for the final art. Finally I'll be able to concentrate on my artwork again. It's about time!

Oh, and I'm also proud to announce that, as of yesterday, the first chapter of the Wormworld Saga Online Graphic Novel was read 500.000 times. On to the million now!