Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chapter 3, Milestone 1 reached!

Wow, is it really nearly a month since my last update!? Time flies when you have fun! I honestly tried to post an update sooner but every time I thought a good occasion would come up, it got delayed again. Of course I'm refering to the Android version of the Wormworld Saga App which a lot of you are eagerly waiting for. I fear I begin to sound like a scratched record when I say that we are very close to the release. I have already seen a fully functional version of the Android App on the tablet of my brother-in-law and Robot Media is currently sending the app around to different places to get some final feedback for polishing. So, we're nearly done for real and I'm looking forward to provide you the Android version of the Wormworld Saga App soon.

But the real news of the day is that I just finished the first milestone of Chapter 3! You know what that means: artwork preview time! Fortunately we've already had a brief glimpse into the strange world Jonas entered in Chapter 2. Therefore I'm able to show you some panels from Chapter 3 without spoiling anything. Here we go:

As you can see there's plenty of stuff for Jonas to wonder about behind the magic canvas. What you see here is just a small glimpse, believe me. I have the best time painting this chapter which visually is very different from the two preceding ones. I even had to adjust my painting workflow a bit which became a little stiff and technical through all the right angles and flat surfaces I painted for the interiour scenes of Chapter 1 and 2. I'm now back to a more intuitive and loose approach. I use less layers which makes the painting process much more enjoyable and hopefully this carries through to the experience of the reader.

By the way, the flowers that grow out of my head in the milestone illustration above do not only refer to the floral explosions of Chapter 3 but also to new plans and prospects that sprouted from my head over the last few weeks. As you know, it will be a big challenge to sustain the Wormworld Saga project over the whole year and I started to think about new ways to find additional support for the project. Some of these ideas already have blossomed and I'm looking forward to presenting them to you when the time is ripe.

I'm back to my wacom then, bringing home that next milestone!