Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Chapter 8 Production Kickoff

You'd think that after 7 chapters I've become used to starting a new chapter production. But it's every time the same: I'm scared like hell when I see all the work in front of me. But I'm also excited to create the next chapter of my story and, seeing the finished preliminary version before me, I can't wait to share it with you.

The title of the upcoming chapter is going to be:

Chapter 8 – Ambush in the Mushroom Forest

As always I will keep you updated on my progress as I work my way through the five production milestones and there will be preview images at each milestone. One thing that's new is that I've launched a Patreon page. Patreon is a crowdfunding website where creators look for ongoing support from their fans and in return offer access to all sorts of exclusive content. I'd like to make it a place to hang around and get into touch with people, since most other platforms kind of don't accomplish that for me. I will post additional behind the scenes stuff over there and for as little as a dollar per month, you'll gain full access to it. Please have a look at

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Blog Block

It's pretty pathetic that my last blog post is from the middle of the last kickstarter campaign. I'm almost ready to send all the rewards out, that's how long there has been radio silence here on the blog. It's not that there didn't happened anything in the meantime. The kickstarter closed with a whopping $46K of pledges, I attended a comic convention in Paris, which was an awesome experience, and I received the wonderful resin figures that were unlocked on kickstarter, just to point out a few highlights. So, enough material to write several blog posts. The only thing is, that lately I'm just not feeling like writing blog posts.

I've got the feeling that reading blogs generally has become a little bit old-fashioned, or is it just me? I personally stopped using an RSS reader quite a while ago because it just stressed me out to see all the content that I didn't have time to read through. The little time I've got left for reading content from the internet now is occupied with (way too much) Facebook and Twitter. When I'm lying in bed at night I prefer to check my YouTube subscriptions instead of reading blogs.

I  noticed that there has been an ever decreasing amount of comments here on the blog during the last two years so maybe I'm not the only one who has changed his preferences? Or maybe it's just that I'm not particularly asking for reader engagement.

Anyway, I actually don't know how many people are reading the blog nowadays. Different analytics provide me highly divergent figures. I'd just like to pass the information to everyone around that if you're following this blog to receive news about the Wormworld Saga, you might consider to join the Wormworld Saga newsletter to which you can subscribe here and the Wormworld Saga Facebook Page. If you are interested in my digital artwork and like to see some new paintings from time to time you can check out the dedicated Facebook Page that I've started earlier this year. I normally also post Wormworld Saga news and new paintings on Twitter.

Ok, thanks for reading the blog so far. I honestly don't know where I'm going with it. Production of Chapter 8 will start soon and normally I'd have to prepare milestone updates for that but right now I'm really not motivated to do that. If you're willing to give me any feedback on this matter please feel free to do so. I will keep an eye on the comments (that unfortunately had way too much spam lately...).