Monday, October 1, 2012



On Sunday we successfully funded the Wormworld Saga Treasure Chest Kickstarter Campaign AND we even reached the second stretchgoal of $20,000 which will provide all backers with a fantastic Paper Toy PDF including Jonas, Raya, and Loki. That actually is something that we didn't dare to hope for 5 days before, when we reached the funding goal.

We're so relieved! Relieved that all the hard work has payed off. Relieved that we've found so many supporters for this project and - to be honest - relieved that these nerve-wracking 30 days are finally over.
You provided us the means to set another leg onto the ground that will help us to carry the Wormworld Saga further into the future. This project is an ungoing adventure for all people involved and you just provided a happy end for the latest chapter of our journey.

And you laid another groundwork for hopefully many more chapters of the Wormworld Saga.

For that we, my wife and I, are deeply thankful!

Daniel Lieske & Cristina Costas


  1. [general celbratory gesticulations and noises]

    You know... perhaps with your emphasis on quality over quantity, it might be a good idea to get non-canon guest submissions from other artists as a regular thing, with a little reciprocation. It could be a nice way to increase traffic and notoriety :D

  2. I'm very glad you guys reached your goal. I'm so very impressed with Wormworld. This is one of the coolest, and most imaginative, vibrant and engrossing comics I've ever come across. There's something special to me about children overcoming heavy circumstance that I love. I was so, so happy to stumble across this yesterday.

    Thanks so very much for this.

    Adam Craig

  3. CONGRATS!!!!!!!! More Wormworld!!!

  4. Hi, Mr.Lieske!
    I found your wonderful blog accidentally while looking for some references.. and I'm stuck here for hours! I really love your works.. Worth to be bookmarked on my sidebar.. ^_^