Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Final Week on Kickstarter!

It's the final week of our fundraising campaign on and the total funding goal of $15,000 is slowly coming into sight. We are at $12,029 right at the moment which is a little over 80%

The last week brought some new rewards for the campaign. First of all, at the $10,000 mark, I revealed another freebie that every backer of the campaign who pledges for a physical reward  (so, at least $5) will receive - a big sized (7.6cm/3inches) magnetic button:

Then, two days ago I revealed a new poster that I created during the last week which is a replica of the Captain Orion Poster that hangs on the wall of Jonas' room in Granny's house:

You can get this poster for a $15 pledge. And then there's another artwork that I actually just revealed today which is also available through the kickstarter campaign:

You can get this artwortk either as a poster for $15 or as a high quality print for $90. The expensive print is 70x50cm, done on high quality paper, handsigned, and has a kickstarter exclusive blue Wormseal stamp on the back. The poster is slightly different with a logo and a dark frame and is handsigned with a silver marker on the front:

This artwork was created for the German comic magazine "ALFONZ der Comicreporter" which will run a 10 pages cover story about the Wormworld Saga in their second issue which will be published in October.

So, we now have a week left to raise about $3000. You can make up your mind until Saturday evening (German time) if you want to back the campaign. Your support will be greatly appreciated!


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