Friday, February 15, 2013

Chapter 5, Milestone 3 reached!

Slowly the finishing line for the Chapter 5 production comes into sight. A bit over 60% of the illustration work is done now. Before I start with the fourth milestone I'm going to work over the prelim and prepare an English version that I can hand over to the translators so that they have enough time to work on the core translations (English, Spanish and French) that will be published simultaniously as soon as the chapter is ready.

Well, not much more to say so we might just as well head over to the preview images of this milestone:

The journey continues on the river.
That's much more convenient than climbing giant trees! 
I enjoyed the work on the chapter tremendously so far. There's so much extraordinary artwork that I can't show you just yet because it would spoil a lot of the special events and locations of Chapter 5. But I'm also enjoying the more mundane little scenes like the ones above. I love travel shots and I wished I could do much more of them. I guess I could paint a whole chapter without a single word balloon - just impressions from the journey. Well, of course that would bore a lot of readers to death so I try to find a good  measure for incorporating these scenes.

Alright, on to the next milestone!