Monday, August 30, 2010

Back home

I'm back from my vacation! From a relaxed and sunny Spain I returned to a cold and rainy Germany. At least these are good conditions to work on the computer. Well, If there wasn't that cold that I catched right at my first day home which is plugging up my nose right now.

But hey, there's work to do and I'm ready for the finish run. I'll pick up work on the graphic novel soon and I hope that the last 30% of the artwork will come out smoothely.

I know, I promised a lot of sketches before I left. Turned out that I mainly wrote story notes when I picked up my sketchbook in Spain. And the few sketches I actually did, all contain elements that I can't show you just yet. But I have a pencil drawing that I can show you. I drew it yesterday and it's a goody for someone who ordered a print which I was hoping to be able to dispatch before my vacation started but that didn't work out. He had to wait the three weeks before I finally was able to send out the package yesterday. I like to compensate for inconvenience of that sort and what better way is there than sending an original - and therefore unique - pencil drawing?

I don't draw a lot with pencils these days and it's really fun when there's an occasion like this. I might even create some drawings in the future and offer them on my website along with the digital prints. Man, I should stop promising stuff that I'm not sure about to happen! Well, you can always order a print and hope for me screwing up if you want to get one of these. :)

Ok, I hope for some good news on my next update.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Work on the Wormworld Sage graphic novel didn't go too smooth in July. We had some terribly hot days in Germany and when I came home and had barely survided the workday I wasn't able to sit in front of my own computer and work even more. Also, there were a lot of social events last month which all demanded their part of my time. However, I managed to work at least 12 hours on the graphic novel and have now reached the 70% mark. I'm in the middle of milestone 4 so to say and now I'm taking three weeks of vacation from the project and from life in general.

I'm traveling to Spain to where the family of my wife lives and I'm going to gather some energy for the rest of the year. I'm a bit exhausted from the year so far and although I think that I generally managed to keep a balance between my life, my job and my private projects, the vacation comes just at the right time. I'm taking my sketchbook with me so prepare for a big load of sketches in the next update! I'm looking forward to visiting some of my favorite places in northern Spain which have been a huge inspiration for my work in the past.

For this update I have chosen a panel that fits the occasion perfectly. Jonas leaves for the summer holidays and he's taking a moment to reflect on the things that lie behind him and on those that lie before him. Some very exciting things are going to happen but right now it's time for a pause.

Ok, I'm off then! See you in September!