Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 Kick-Off

Nicolás Lieske Costas, * 11th January 2014
Oops, my kick-off posting for this year is a bit late! I've been kind of occupied with preparations for the first big event of 2014 and this weekend it finally happened: our second son was born without complications and we all are very happy to welcome him to this world.

So, only two weeks in, one of the major goals of this year has already been accomplished (mostly by the mother though). Now it's my turn to reach for some additional goals and I'd like to inform you about what to expect from the Wormworld Saga this year.

Until the end of January I'm finishing up my freelance work on a game project that I had joined last year in July. I'm looking forward to share some of my artwork from that project but that won't happen before the release of the game which is scheduled for 2015.

In February I will finally start the production of Chapter 6 of the Wormworld Saga and I'm aiming at a release in May for that. As soon as production starts you'll receive milestone updates and preview images just like you're used to. And currently it looks like I'll be able to start with Chapter 7 right after the Chapter 6 relase so chances are that we will have at least two new chapters this year. And there's another thing I'm roughly planning for the middle of the year but more on that at a later point when those plans are a little bit more advanced.

I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to the upcoming months. Chapter 6 has been building up in my head for more than 9 months now and I'm chomping at the bit to finally create it. It's going to be a huge chapter both in size and in relevance to the overall story. It will introduce new characters, hint at even more new characters and open up the scope of the story considerably. I'm really curious to find out how it will be received and of course this can only be accomplished by publishing it.

So, let's get busy!