Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New Wormworld Saga Goodies!

I've been busy with fulfilling the last kickstarter campaign during the last few weeks. We've had a big signing and packing event at the Tokyopop offices in Hamburg and finally it's done - the backers of the "Wormworld Saga Print Edition - Volume 1 campaign" have received their packages. Well at least they've been sent out. Some of the packages might still be on their way.

Now that the backers had their turn it's time to provide the new English Wormworld Saga book to all fans. Today we've updated the Wormworld Shop with new products including the resin figure, the keychain pendant, and the German book 3.

Aaaaand I'd like to introduce you to a new digital edition of the Wormworld Saga. The HD Collector's Edition has been designed with the digital collector in mind. It is an offline, DRM-free, high resolution (2048 pixels wide) version of the graphic novel you know from the website. It looks fantastic on high resolution screens, tablets and phones and you can easily store and display it on any device that runs an ordinary internet browser. You can dowload the HD Collector's Edition on Gumroad. Chapter 1 can be downloaded for free/pay what you want so you can test the new edition on your devices.

Ok, sorry for getting all merchant on you but after all Christmas is coming soon and you might find some of these things worthwhile.

I'm back in the production seat now and right at the moment I'm cooking up something special. I won't tell you what it is but I've got a hint for you: This Christmas we'll be celebrating five years of Wormworld Saga. That's right! The first chapter was released on Christmas 2010. Time flies. Let me asure you that I won't let this anniversary go by unnoticed!