Monday, April 30, 2012

Chapter 3 - A Monstrous Forest

I proudly present Chapter 3 of the Wormworld Saga Digital Graphic Novel!

Go read it at!

I was truelly looking forward to this day. I assume that since the release of Chapter 1 a lot of people were wondering what the Wormworld Saga is all about. Finally we will now follow Jonas on his first steps beyond the magic canvas and find out more about this mysterious place and its inhabitants.

Chapter 3 was a huge challenge for me as I wanted the first impression of the Wormworld to be a lasting one. This chapter is the longest chapter so far and it is full of elaborate full scale backgrounds. Including prelim, concept art and layout, I worked over 400 hours on Chapter 3. I think that it shows and I hope that everyone will enjoy the ride.

I was pressing hard to meet the scheduled release date at the end of April. While this worked out for the release on the website, users of the Wormworld Saga App will have to wait a few days until I have finished the production of the special content which will be available alongside the Collector's Edition of Chapter 3 inside the app. There's lots of concept artwork that I'm going to share and of course there will be author commentary   available again.

Ok, I'd say go and have a good time with Chapter 3! If you like it please help to spread the word and tell your friends about it.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chapter 3, Final Artwork Completed!

It's done! Today I finished the last panel of Chapter 3. It was a big one with over 8 hours work that went into it. All in all I have worked over 300 hours on the artwork for Chapter 3. That's 100 hours more than I worked on Chapter 2 and nearly double the amount of time that I worked on Chapter 1. It was also 100 hours more than I originally expected. In the last 8 weeks I've worked many extra hours in the evenings in order to make up for it.

But I regret not a single minute of work that I put into Chapter 3. You will be able to see the effort that went into it and I'm really proud of the result. It will be very exciting for me to release the new chapter as it shows the first steps of Jonas inside the Wormworld. Together with him we'll explore fantastic places, face breakneck dangers and encounter new friends.

I have no preview images for you today as you will very soon be able to the read complete chapter. Release will be on Monday, 30th April. I'll put a countdown on the website so that you can easily find out the exact release time throughout the timezones.

Unfortunately, the release inside the Wormworld Saga App will be delayed again. This time it's not because of a software bug, though. I simply wasn't able to prepare the special content for the Collector's Edition yet. It shouldn't take me more than a week to provide it so you won't have to wait as long as the last time for the special content. What I already can say is, that the Collector's Edition will be worth the short wait. I have a lot of interesting Concept Art and work-in-progress snapshots that I will put into a huge 'Making of Chapter 3' artbook item.

Ok, still some work to do that will keep me busy over the next three days. And then you'll be welcome to the Wormworld!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Chapter 3, Milestone 4 reached!

Phew, I've cut down to 80% of the Chapter 3 artwork! I'm going to need a few days of rest after this chapter, I guess. My time-tracking indicates that in the end I'm going to spend over 300 hours on the final artwork of Chapter 3. Chapter 2 was only 200 hours although it wasn't much shorter. This figure reflects pretty nicely the fact that Chapter 3 is going to look spectacular when it's finished. I actually started to assemble the existing artwork into the layout and to see all these detailed illustrations in one big composition is a stunning experience. So, I'm confident that in the end the hard work will pay off.

In the upcoming two weeks I'm going to finish the last milestone and prepare the layout, the cover artwork and the special content for the Wormworld Saga App. I'm working extra hours every day to make sure that on April 30th everything will be ready for launch.

Alright, lots of work ahead and the clock is ticking! I'll leave you with a few preview images which again are all cropped from larger panels:

Monday, April 2, 2012

International Children's Book Day Sale!

International Children's Book Day was inaugurated in 1967 by the International Board on Books for Young People (iBbY). To celebrate it, I hereby announce our very first sales event inside the Wormworld Saga App. Today you can purchase the Collector's Editions of Chapter 1 and 2 for only 0,99€ each!

To purchase the Collector's Editions just download the free Wormworld Saga App for iPad and Android tablets and get the Collector's Editions via in-app purchase.

And in other news:

Robot Media finally updated the Android version of the Wormworld Saga App and it now runs properly on Ice Cream Sandwich devices. Also the app is now compatible to Android 3.1!