Sunday, August 11, 2013


After I've received a couple of emails in which people were asking if everything was alright with me I figured I should post at least a small update. Things indeed became mixed up quite a bit around here. It's too early to get into the details but I can definitely say that the production of Chapter 6 is delayed. There's going to be some important meetings in the next few weeks and after those I'll be able to make an estimation about the release of the next chapter. I'll also give a more detailed account of everything then. Right at the moment it's all a bit too complicated and there's also things that I just can't talk about yet.

I really appreciate that people care about my wellbeing and I'm really sorry that I can't write a more satisfying update just yet. I hope that everyone's enjoying the summer (at least in those regions where it's summer right now) and I'll do my best to prepare some excitement for the dark time of the year.