Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chapter 4 now available in the app!

Chapter 4 is now available in the app. Again we failed to launch the chapter simultaniously with the website and this time it was all my fault. I missed to load two important files on the server and when the developers tried to reach me on Friday evening I wasn't available for an hour and when I finally noticed that something was missing, the developers had already started into the weekend. Never launch on Fridays they say...

Well, but we are a lot closer than the last time and if the trend continues we might finally be able to do it in time with Chapter 5.

Chapter 4 brings two new artbook items and we've now filled up the first screen of the artbook inside the app completely. The first new item is a 'Making Of Chapter 4' in which you find a lot of sketches and also a breakdown of the workflow I used on the jungle backgrounds in this chapter.

The second new item contains more information about Janaka Jiiva's Mandala. I actually put a lot of thoughts into that design and I wasn't really able to expose those to full extend in the chapter itself.

So, "'The Course of Things' artbook item gives a detailed description of the different parts of the Mandala and what they mean. I realize that this information is something that shouldn't be exclusive to the users of the app and therefore I'm currently planning to put the exact same information into a layout that I can produce as a poster and which most likely will be added as a reward to the current kickstarter campaign.

Speaking of which!

Here's a progress update of the campaign. We had a good start on the launch weekend and now we are entering the hardest part of any kickstarter campaign: the middle part. To keep it interesting for the backers we've added the first stretchgoals. You now can unlock signed postcards that every backer will receive for free if he has chosen one of the physical rewards. We've also added new reward options with new combinations of fan items that were requested and we'll basically try to fulfill any wishes you might have. There's a daily update on the kickstarter project page and I'll keep you updated from time to time here on the blog about anything noteworthy that's happening over there.


  1. Really cool stuff Daniel. One day, that app shall be mine. :)

  2. Hi Daniel,

    what about the App for the Kindle Fire? I ve read today that this device is now available in Germany aswell and as this is somekind of special Android i'm not sure if this still on your list ...

  3. Currently we are eagerly awaiting the new generation of Kindle Fire. The first generation isn't compatible with the Android version the app needs to run. This hurdle should be resolved with the upcoming generation and then indeed I would be very happy to present the Wormworld Saga App on the Amazon platform.