Friday, December 23, 2011

The Wormworld Saga App and a guy called Murphy...

I just received news that Robot Media has found a software bug inside the app that will prevent us from releasing Chapter 2 inside the app on time. We'll have to submit a software update in order to fix that problem and since we are just entering the Christmas Holidays - during which people apparently refuse to work! - it is highly unlikely that this update will get the needed approval by Apple before January. So, Murphy's Law comes into effect once again, which clearly sucks. And while we are on the topic: Murphy obviously has learned about our plans to release an Android version of the app. Now, guess what! Yeah, it gets delayed...

But on the bright side, all this won't have any effect on the release of Chapter 2 on the website. I'm sorry, that users of the app will have to wait for the special content to be released though. It wasn't planned that way and we'll learn from that for future chapter updates.

Well then, see you tomorrow night for the release post!


  1. Looking forward to the Android App! No problem if it takes some more time. Enjoy Chistmas and don't hurry - don't worry. We love your work and the way you make it transparent! Merry Xmas from Switzerland!
    By the way, working with ARGs for school and kids, an Alternate Reality Game for/with the Wormworld Saga would be a great thing ...

  2. Hi Daniel. Really ugly and sad. I wish you and your family a merry christmas on this way. Seems you was very busy in the recent days.

    Best wishes