Saturday, December 24, 2011

Chapter 2 - The Journey Begins

I proudly present Chapter 2 of the Wormworld Saga Digital Graphic Novel!

Go read it at!

It's been an unbelievable year for me. The Wormworld Saga Digital Graphic Novel startet exactly a year ago and from that moment on it was a constant ride of surprises, disbelief, excitement, and a lot of hard work. This year saw hundreds of thousands (822.000 to be more precise) of people from all around the world visiting the Wormworld Saga website and reading the first chapter which - as of today - is already translated into 11 languages (I just added the Italian and the Dutch translation). This year saw a more than successful kickstarter campaign which provided the budget for the creation of the Wormworld Saga App that is available since October, bears a five star rating in the Apple App Store, and has been downloaded nearly 2000 times up to this day. This year also saw a deal with a comic book publisher who is going to release a book adaption of the Wormworld Saga Digital Graphic Novel from summer/fall of next year on. And this year saw me quitting my job and producing Chapter 2 on a fulltime schedule in a bit less than 3 months. Above all these awesome things hovers the one event in January that constantly puts everything into perspective for me: the birth of our first son Lucas. I'm so looking forward to read the Wormworld Saga with him when he's old enough and tell him that he just came to the world when all of this started.

'The Journey Begins' is an appropriate title for the second chapter of the Wormworld Saga. Jonas leaves his troubled life behind and starts into his adventure. What will he find inside the Wormworld? At the same time, I myself don't know what the future will bring. 2012 will be a fateful year for the Wormworld Saga. It will show if I'm able to produce the amount of content I'm aiming for and it will show if I'll be able to support my family by doing that. As awesome as this year was, it was merely a prelude to a journey into the great unknown. I take comfort in the feedback of my beloved fans and also in the story of little Jonas. It lies in the nature of an adventure that you don't know the outcome of it. But that's what makes it worthwhile in the first place!

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and an Adventurous and Happy New Year!


  1. Daniel, you never cease to amaze me : ) I await chapter 3 next year!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  2. This is sure one of the best Christmas gifts this year!
    Absolutely fantastic work, Daniel...

    I wish you all the best, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year =)

  3. Knowing that you are here on Christmas Eve and reading my story is MY biggest Christmas gift!

  4. I just read it, it's great! The art is amazing and the story was definitely intriguing. Congratulations! I am already looking forward to the next chapter.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
    (it's nice to see a dutch translation of the first chapter :-))

  5. Just came home and eager to read it! Finally!

    I wish you and your Family a Merry Chrismas Daniel!


  6. I realy like your work, its so full of childhood fantasy. I just hope you can create more than one chapter a yeare!

  7. We waited a whole year for that?

  8. Hi Daniel, I just read through Chapter two together with my 4-year old son and now have a bit of a problem explaining to him that we won't be able to read through chapter 3 before summer the earliest :)

    Chapter 2 fully lived up to the expectations that Chapter 1 had raised: the artwork is stunning as ever and the storyline develops very nicely --- congratulations!!!

    Thanks for undertaking the adventure that you are undertaking ... and telling us about Jonas's adventures!

    Warm regards,


  9. Hallo Daniel,

    danke für dieses wundervolle Weihnachtsgeschenk. 'The Wormworld Saga' ist wirklich eine außergewöhnliche Geschichte. Vor allem merkt man wieviel Arbeit und Herz du in diese Gehichte steckst.

    Leider kam ich noch nicht in den Genuss des zweiten Teils, da ich (wahrscheinlich seit du oben diesen 'HOME' - Button eingefügt hast) Darstellungsprobleme bei den Geschichten habe.

    Hier ein Screenshot:

    Ich verwende Internet Explorer 9, kann ja nur daran liegen. Es wundert mich nur, dass es scheinbar bei allen anderen Funktioniert(wahrscheinlich alles Firefox User ^^).

    Hoffe der Fehler wird irgendwann behoben schöne Feiertage euch allen und einen guten Rutsch


  10. I just started reading it and I´m allready so full of so many WONDERFUL emotions that I cannot even express. Daniel you are such an inspiration for artists like me who believe in their dreams! And the fact that you are stepping like you said "into the great unknown" makes it even more inspiring as your journey continues. The painting and the story is just so amazing that it really reminds me of the best things in life! Never give up...

    good luck, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!!

    from Czech Republic

  11. Das zweite Jahr in Folge war das schönste Weihnachtsgeschenk dein Comic Daniel. Ich freu mich schon wahnsinnig aufs dritte Kapitel.

  12. Many thanks for all your nice feedback! I just fixed the layout problem in Internet Explorer and hope that everyone can now fully enjoy the new chapter.

  13. Although your Wormworldsaga shows new oppotunities for comicbook artists to use the web
    as a media, I am sorry to have to say, your storytelling has a very naive / amateurish approach. For me, as an adult, there is nothing that makes me want to follow the story.
    With all the work you put in this, you would do better to work with an writer,

  14. I can't agree with the above comment, I find your storytelling compelling and your art even more so. You really capture the world in all it beauty and you tell the story just as the kid would. Almost as if you've lived those very moments and through your art you allow us to live those moment to.

    Thank you very much! I'll be reading this through(both chapters) with my 9 year old brother. That is, once he's calmed down from all the excitement afte opening his pressies.

    I'll also be showing it to my grandmother who has come over for Christmas here in England from South Africa. I'm sure she'll enjoy it as much as I do and that she'll go back and show her friends in South Africa.


  15. woke up on christmas day, most kids are all excited about opening presents, but not me... first thing i did when i woke up read the second chapter :) i loved it and cant wait for the next installment!!

  16. Ya, I have to say the story is fine... Its...nostalgic, which is one of the best feelings for me. I loved the second chapter and the only problem I have is that it didn't keep going :D
    You are one of my biggest artistic inspirations.

  17. I loved it!! Really impressive work!!
    Can't wait for the third chapter!!

    Keep it up and happy hollidays!

  18. I just realized "Hey, it's Christmas! That means there's a whole new chapter of the Wormworld Saga waiting!" And indeed there was - thank you for that, it was lovely :)

    The nature and attic scenes were awesome, as before (I hope there'll be some images from this chapter on deviantArt soon for me to fave). It kinda felt like the family scenes were a bit lacking in comparison, though, being more mundane...
    All in all, I'm waiting eagerly for the next update!

    I hope this next year will be a productive one for you, - with some luck there might be a new update waiting for me in the summer, as well :)

    Oh and about those vote buttons: don't forget to add one for Google Plus!

  19. Daniel, awesome work. The lights and the drawings are incredible, they gives me so many emotions that i can't describe. I'm looking forward for the chapter 2, and i hope you menage to get some help because the wait was (and is) unbearable! Thanks for the gift and a merry christmas to you and your family!

    PS: ehm, my gf is an interpreter and said that the italian translation is, well, terrible. If you want she can fix it. Greetings!

  20. As soon as church let out I drove over to my parents house to show them the second chapter. I've been eagerly awaiting it this entire year and it was far better than expected. Your artwork is incredible and the story brings back memories from when I used to run around in the forest making forts and fighting off imaginary invasions. Thank you for all the hard work you've put into this comic and I hope you continue to be able to write more in this fantastic story. I'll be waiting impatiently for the next chapter.

  21. Very amazing work on comicbook :) I have read just now the Chapter2 and it is wonderful...Daniel, awesome work. The lights especaially are incredible perfect :) So nice :) I love your drawings.

  22. Alles in Allem ist der 2. Teil sehr schön geworden.. doch die Fülle der Gegenlichtbilder erschlägt mich etwas..auch merkt man, dass du für mehr Bilder weniger Zeit hast. Mein erster Eindruck war, dass die Figuren und Gegenstände nicht mehr so detailliert sind, wie im ersten Teil.. verstehe das bitte nicht falsch.. das hier ist meckern auf höchstem Niveau.
    Wenn ich nur ansatzweise deine Fähigkeiten hätte, wäre ich glücklich. Doch ich denke, dass auch du immer an dir arbeitest und auch mal an andere Sichtweisen interessiert bist.
    Ich freue mich schon auf den 2.Teil für meine App.. :-)

  23. The end left me hungry with anticipation for the next chapter.
    Awesome colors! Keep the good stuff coming.

    Kind Regards.
    Have a nice holidays, still couple of days left.

    I too can not agree with the "Anonymous" opinion about the narration.
    For me as an adult I think there is even more that makes me follow the story than a child could see in it.

  24. Thanks for chapter 2 - only problem was that it finished too soon! Looking forward to chapter 3...

    Beautiful lighting! Atmospheric forest/meadow scenes, dusty attic - and then the bright bright light from the picture.

    Dake schön!

  25. Daniel, ich sach einfach mal nur Danke für dieses schöne Weihnachtsgeschenk! Fühlte mich sofort in meine eigene Kindheit zurückversetzt. Und auch in die Phantasie-Welten, die damals uns Kids durch das Fernsehen und Bücher/Comics beeinflußten. Irgendwie warte ich die ganze Zeit auf einen Gastauftritt von Catweezle mit seiner Kröte Kyrwalda... ;)
    Der Erzählfluß ist gut - ich kann die Kritiken diesbezüglich überhaupt nicht nachvollziehen. Was das Grafische angeht, so machst Du Dir selbst eben gewaltige Konkurrenz. Gegenüber Deiner Farb- und Lichtkunst, sowie Deiner Gabe, kleine Details am Rande in Szene zu setzen, die der Geschichte ein Extra-Level an Leben einhauchen, fallen die Figurenzeichnungen einen Tick ab. Aber eben nur einen Tick- wir anderen wären doch alle froh, wenn wir so lebendige Figuren hinkriegen würden!
    Wie lange dauert's jetzt bis zum nächsten Kapitel? 3 Monate? Oh, das wird noch ein langer, kalter Winter und ein regnerischer Frühlingsanfang...
    Nochmals: Danke, Daniel!

  26. I have to thank you all for your comments again! And just to point it out, I can also live with negative feedback. Nobody likes to be criticized but over 10 years in online communites have taught me that critique is important for artistic growth. And, of course, I take every critique with a grain of salt.

    All in all, the feedback to Chapter 2 so far has been really great. Over 18.000 people have already visited the updated website and there are many new readers among them. I really couldn't have hoped for more and it's you, the fans, who I have to thank for spreading the word.

  27. Hello Daniel,
    thank you very much for the chapter II .Just a problem like Kirsty that is finish too soon .
    The story is Breathless, drawing lightness fantastic .
    Thank you !

  28. Oooooh when is the next one coming?? :D we want to know what is going to happen!
    Thanks for the Xmas present :)

  29. Ich finde das dein 2. Kapitel eine sehr gelungene Fortsetzung von Jonas Abenteuern ist. Hut ab für deine Schöpfungen und riesen Dank dafür, dass wir an deinen Erzählungen teil haben dürfen!
    Beste Grüße :)

  30. Once again the story and artwork of the Wormworld Saga blew my mind! The artwork is so beautiful and I love the lighting in every panel. You can tell that you really studied all kinds of light.
    I think the story is great too, it`s to the point without lingering on unnecessary details. I loved the narration, it really feels like someone is telling the story to an audience in an exciting way.
    The panel with Jonas` dad mentioning his mother in that manner as a way of disciplining him almost made me tear up.

    I can`t wait for the next installment. I hope you have a wonderful and happy new year and that 2012 may hold lots of good stuff for you and the Worlmworld Saga!

  31. I loved chapter 2, all you haters can go jump off a bridge.

    Daniel i just got a kindle fire for christmas, how soon until the android app? i went to go buy the special editions but they werent there.

    well done, cant wait till chapter 3

  32. Fantastic Daniel! I read the second chapter in my new tablet and the experience was super inmersive! I enjoy so much every panel, fantastic job, I can,t wait for the three chapter. And your job is an inspiration for me, I want to do something similar in the future...
    Thank,s for this gift christmas and happy holydais to you and your family!

    PD: Sorry for my english I,m from Spain ^^

  33. It's really great! I know I read Chapter 2 4 days late but I couldn't help it...
    Actually maybe I could!
    Anyway, I used Chapter 1's French translation for my French revision. I got 100% in one test!

  34. I just discovered this while stumbling, and i just can say that this is simply amazing, the story is immersive, the redaction made me read every frame and want to scroll down more and more every time. And the art is beautiful, i feel i have to thank you for this and can't wait for the 3rd chapter.

    Keep on the great work!

  35. I discovered this while stumbling too...
    I love how you paint with the light when presenting memories and the wonderful and fantastic places and that the city and sad moments are drawn more rigid. Love your story and the drawing. I believe that this year you will get a lot of promotion on the internet. Until your next release, I'm looking forward to you bringing us another amazing chapter.
    I wish you a lot of inspiration!
    p.s.: where do you get this inspiration from? From your childhood memories or from what happens during the year (2010,2011) ?

  36. Beautiful as ever! I love your art so much, it's just gorgeous. But unfortunately too short--although I'd probably say that about any amount of this! Wormworld is wonderful.