Monday, December 5, 2011

Chapter 2, Final Artwork Completed!

It's done! This morning I did the last brush strokes on the final panel of Chapter 2 of the Wormworld Saga Graphic Novel. That's a very strange feeling. My normal impulse after finishing a panel is to immediately load the next panel and continue my work. Well, no next panel there! I guess, that's ok. :)

But this is not to say that there's no work left for me now. Before I can present Chapter 2 to you I'll have to:
  • layout the final artwork onto the infinite canvas
  • finish the text
  • layout the word balloons and sound fx
  • send out the scripts to the translators and layout the four core translations for the app
  • prepare the special content for the Collector's Edition of Chapter 2 inside the app

That's right, because I'm going to launch new chapters on the website and inside the app at the same time, the web launch has to wait a bit for the app content to be finalized. I pondered quite some time on the question what a good release date would be and I figured out that - as we'd come close to that date anyway - we might just do it like last year and make Chapter 2 an additional Christmas present for all of us. So:

Chapter 2 will be released on 25th December 2011.

Alright, and now it's time for the preview panel of the last milestone. This preview might very well be considered to be the ultimate spoiler:

However, since almost every fan of the Wormworld Saga knows this painting and since the title of Chapter 2 is already revealed to be "The Journey Begins" it should be quite obvious that this scene will take place in the upcoming chapter.

I can't tell you how excited I was to reach this point. Being able to finally embed this key visual into the narration gave me an undescribable feeling of accomplishment. And painting the panels AFTER this point was a real thrill for me because I was finally able to set the character free from his static pose and let him actually start his adventure into the great unknown beyond the magic canvas. Finally I'm able to invite you into the Wormworld and I can't wait to open the doors for you!


  1. Congratulations to everybody!! A round of back-tapping is in order. Herr Lieske: tap, tap, tap.

    Dec 25th. Already marked on my calendar. Can't wait!!!

  2. Really impatient to read and watch it ,
    thanks for make us dreaming .

  3. Very excited to be able to see the finished product! :D Congrats on finishing!

  4. Yes! This is going to be great. I can show Wormworld to my kid sister on Christmas. =)

  5. Yey!! I cannot wait to see it, and huge congrats on the epic achievement! Really looking forward to it.

  6. oh boy i am very excited about chapter 2, i am going to fire up the fireplace, drag my armchair in front of it.. the ipad in the one hand and a nice cup of tea in the other. i get all dizzy only thinking about it :D
    And all thanks to you and your amazing effort, thx!

  7. Congratulations, you went really fast in finishing chapter 2!
    Hopefully, we see a version on printed paper some time as well...

  8. @ Fabian:

    Ha ha, that sounds great!

    @ Wardski:

    A book adaption will be released next year by Tokyopop Germany. I'll share news about international book releases as soon as possible!

  9. congratulations! Im looking forward to it!

  10. I'm so excited! The Wormworld Saga is one of the most beautiful comics I've ever seen!!! You are extremely gifted!

  11. Hey! Congrats, so soooon! can hardly wait to read it!

  12. Congratulations! I'm completely thrilled and can't wait for this to be made available. If you manage to push out an Android tablet-enabled version of the app, I'd snap it up right away! Thanks for the hard work, keep it up! So stoked!

  13. Congratulations! ! ! I can not wait the start of the new

  14. Yes! Already one of my favorite chrismas presents ;)! Really looking foreward to it!

    I suppose for anouncements like this, a mailinglist would surely be a good way to reach all the readers who liked chapter one but probably forgot to check out your website later on (and finally completly forgot about it).

    I don't know your exact visitor statisics, but I think this would be a good way to assure readers, independent of your success in promoting your new chapter over twitter, facebook, and other medias.

    I am not an expert, just some thought! Otherwise, gl├╝ckwunsch und immer weiter so!

  15. That's soooo greaatt ! Congratulation !

  16. Yes! just tweeted this!

  17. great news. I'm really looking forward to chapter 2. And I love the preview.
    Any news on the Android app? Or have you given up on offering it on Android?

  18. @ isabel:

    Oh, the Android version is coming! It all takes a little bit longer than expected (as always...) but I actually think that it will be available before the release of Chapter 2. The good thing is, that the Android Market doesn't have an approval procedure so we can publish the app as soon as it is finished.

    @ Fabian:

    Yes, an email newsletter really is something I have to think about. I myself are so deep into RSS and Facebook/Twitter that I never thought there would have to be anything else. But I guess there are a lot of people who'd like to receive an email when new content is available.

  19. *squeals* So looking forward to reading it!

  20. Congratulations!!!

  21. Well I must say that's a wonderful Christmas present for the family in whose name I added my small contribution to Kickstarter. THANKS!

  22. Wow! I can't wait for Chapter 2. December 25 it is :D