Sunday, December 11, 2011

Confucius says: "Read the Wormworld Saga in Chinese!"

Today I have the pleasure to announce that the first chapter of the Wormworld Saga is available in a Simplified Chinese version. I'm especially happy about this because it bridges a huge language barrier and makes the Wormworld Saga accessible for the many people that live in China. Big thanks go to Chuan Liang who did not only translate the texts but who also did most of the layout work for me. New translations of the Wormworld Saga got scarce in the last few months and that despite the fact that I have several finished translated screenplays sitting on my harddrive. I just don't find the time to do the layout of the translations and therefore Chuang's layout work was a huge help and a wonderful contribution to the project. And there's more to come! I will be able to announce exciting news about new Wormworld Saga translations in the coming week. You can really look forward to it!

Concerning Chapter 2, I've finished the rework and layout of the panel illustrations and I have also finished the  layout of the word balloons for the English version. I'm waiting for the input of the translators and proofreaders right now and I'll fill the time with creating the special content for the app. Everything's on schedule right now.

Everyone have a nice Sunday!


  1. I'm really curious how an Japanese translation would look like. They write vertically you know. That would totally change the layout and would be an interesting challenge.

  2. They also read from right to left. It definitely would be a challenge. Well, who knows?

  3. Ah but u could always just horizontally flip the entire thing all together eh?

  4. It's true that Japanese is traditionally written from top to bottom, right to left. Still done in mangas, ie. Japanese comic books / graphic novels, that start at what we would consider the end of a book.

    However, nowadays Japanese can just as well be written from left to right, top to bottom. The dominance of English after WW2 as well as computers made sure of that.

    I think using left to right (LtR) Japanese writing with the current layout of Wormworld would work, although it would be a bit unusual. The LtR sequence of individual panels would probably be a bigger issue, if Japanese readers are used to an RtL panel order even when the text is LtR. But as the previous poster cleverly suggested, a simple horizontal mirroring of the art could take care of that.