Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm starting with the Chapter 2 Final Artwork

"Finally!" A lot of you will say, I guess. And yes, I didn't think that it would take me so long before I could start on the next chapter of the Wormworld Saga neither. I promised fast progress the day when I announced to work fulltime on the Wormworld Saga and here we are - nearly 5 weeks later and I'm just starting with Chapter 2. I just completely underestimated the amount of work that I had to put into the app. It feels good having made the effort though. I'm really looking forward to the release as I hope a lot of you do, too. I have finished my part and now the developers are going to fix bugs and submit a version to Apple in order to get the approval for the App Store. We hope that the whole process will be completed by the end of August. The app should be landing in the App Store in early September at the latest.

So, that finally gives me the opportunity to start with the final artwork of Chapter 2. During the last two days I have reworked the preliminary version from ... April (oh God, is it really April?) and I'm now confident to say that I have landed a version that's ready to be finalized. 

I'm really excited about Chapter 2! I think that it's going to be a worthy follower to Chapter 1 - with more content, more action, more dramatic turning points, and a kickass ending that will make you wanna read Chapter 3 instantly. Well, okay, let's finish Chapter 2 before we begin to talk about Chapter 3...

I've established 5 milestones again. They are 25% larger than the milestones of Chapter 1. I hope to reach the first one before my summer vacation starts. I don't dare to announce a release date for Chapter 2 yet. There's a 3 weeks vacation coming up and I'm organizing the convention of the digitalartforum again which will take place in September. In October I've got to attend the Frankfurt Book Fair. Apart from that, I'm going to concentrate on Chapter 2 though. You'll get the updates here! 

So, no time to lose!


  1. That's great news, man!
    I'm looking forward to Chapter 2! Keep up the pace and be cool about it. We waited this long, we can wait a little bit more. Take your time, and deliver it to us the way you want it to be delivered.

    Cheers from Brazil!

  2. Weiter so Daniel, ich freue mich riesig auf das nächste Kapitel! Und die Qualität ist es wert, ein, zwei Monate länger als gedacht darauf zu warten =)

  3. Finally ! (Just joking). First, secure the app, the main tool which will provide your income, then move on, perfectly normal and understandable!
    Don't stress, and enjoy the day. Now you can do exactly what you like the most : paint. Your mood will reflect in your artwork, so don't worry, be happy. I look forward to reading chapter 2!

  4. waiting is over, soon.

  5. Finally ooooyyyyeeee! good luck deniel

  6. Well said, Marc, I couldn't agree more. We are just so excited! Good luck, and the art is just beautiful!!