Monday, August 15, 2011

Kickstarter Drawings

Last week I finished a task that was sitting on my to-do-list for some time now. All backers of the Wormworld Saga App kickstarer campaign who pledged $500 or $1000 receive a custom pencil drawing. The outcome of this is a nice and diverse collection of drawings that will go out into the world today (click thumbnails for a larger resolution):

These are really unique items because not only are these originals but these are the only 10 drawings with the blue Wormseal stamp that will ever exist. So, collectors: watch out for these!

If you happen to be interested in an original pencil drawing from me, you might want to consider to buy an Ultimate Fan Collection from the print shop. A pencil drawing is part of this package.


  1. plants like about this version

  2. Really nice artwork (as always...) for the lucky new owners!

  3. Superschöne Bilder :)
    Wenn nicht alles extra Arbeit wäre, würde ich gerne mehr Bleistift-zeichnungen von dir sehen.

    Und da sagen die Leute, meine Zeichnungen wären sauber ;)