Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Video2Brain Video-Training (German) Released

Some of you might remember that I mentioned a journey to Graz, Austria at the beginning of July. I went there for a week and recorded a bunch of video-trainings for video2brain which is a company that offers online and DVD video-workshops. The first one (in German language) was just released. It runs for about two hours and covers all details of my digital drawing workflow. The video is not timelapsed. The full drawing process is filmed and commented in realtime. As you can see, I chose an image from the Wormworld Saga for the course:

Click to go to the product page
And there's a trailer, too:

A second video in German on digital painting will be released soon. I also recorded two video-trainings in English language which hopefully we will not have to wait for too long.

Alright, I hope that I can catch the interest of some of you with this. I will keep you informed about the following releases.


  1. I will definitely pick up an English copy when it's out. Let us know when that is ready.

  2. I agree with the English copy. I'd buy it for sure.

  3. Ihre Arbeit hat mich faszinierend!
    Ich bin sehr Froh, so ein grossartieger deutscher Comic Künstler, kennen zu lernen.
    Ich bin ein grosser Comic Fan und habe mein eigenen Hobby Blog, aber in Arabische Sprache! :)
    Ich wünche dir alles Gute.
    Hamza Asad.

  4. Woow :) I am looking forward to see your new making of videos. Really they are very uselful and I learned so much from your videos on digital drawing. I watched your other painting videos and they are really very good. I love your drawing style and yourcomic book is wonderful :)