Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wormworld Saga App Preview

I have recorded a video in which I present you the main features of the upcoming Wormworld Saga App! We are very close to the finish line and I expect the app to hit the app stores in August.

The app will be available for iPad and Android tablets. I will try to provide a comprehensive list of Android devices that will be able to run the app as soon as possible.

And just to make sure that everyone gets a clear picture of what my plans are with the app:

The app will not substitute the free online version of the Wormworld Saga on The graphic novel will remain to be free. The app will be a free download and there will be a free version of the graphic novel (without special features) inside the app, too. The free version inside the app will have a better image quality than the web version and the scrolling performance will be better than reading the graphic novel in the browser.
I've made a huge effort to make the Collector's Edition of each chapter attractive to you. If you purchase the Collector's Edition of a chapter inside the app, you will unlock the special features of this chapter, which includes the artwork and sketch mode, the production notes and the artbook items that are associated to this chapter. And of course, by purchasing the Collector's Edition you support the Wormworld Saga and help me to keep on working on it fulltime.

I'm looking forward to make this app available to you as soon as possible!


  1. Very good work.
    Congratulations with the release of the application ! ! !

  2. Can't wait to get the app, and especially buy the Collector's Edition (neat idea!). Please let us know when you submit the app for approval!

  3. Good app Daniel. I hope to see the app soon.

  4. I posted this on the kickstarter update-post. Maybe you didn't see it/were too busy? It's a question I really would like to have answered:

    Can the app be used with a normal PC too? Not everybody owns an iPad (it's very expensive). But I'd like to buy the extended versions to look at the artwork and the background information despite my lack of iPad.

  5. Dear Cat,

    I answered this on kickstarter today but I repeat it here too because it's an interesting question for all blog readers:

    Right at the moment, the app is programmed for tablet devices only (Apple and Android). This is the platform most suited for the project. It would have been too difficult to support all different platforms right from the start but you can bet that if we make it work on this platform we'll spread out to other platforms, too. Right at the moment it's a pure cost issue.

  6. The app preview looks great, and seems interesting... for those who possess a tablet device...
    To follow up on Cat's question, don't you think that setting a lower priority to developing a premium web-based platform is a risk in terms of income delays or even income loss. I mean: don't you think that the more users of a platform the more potential monetization you would expect. You bet that tablets are The Future, but premium website monetization would be a much more secure source of income right now, and therefore worth the price of setting it to a high enough priority. In the meantime, the cost issue argument makes sense, and maybe even closes the debate... I guess that you will know much better where you stand once the app is released!

  7. @ Marc:

    If I understand you right, you are talking about something like a paid website access to premium content. To be honest: I never thought about that until now. Maybe that's because I have no experience with paid websites myself. Basically, with the app I steared into the direction that felt most desireable for myself. I have to concentrate my limited ressources on this for the time being but, just like with the book adaption, a web app might become an interesting venture in the future. I'm still a one man show and have to tackle one thing at a time but this definitely lands on my list.

  8. To get you right:
    That App wont work on smartphones like my Xperia X8 thats run by android 2.1? Only tablets? That would really be sad.