Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vive la France!

Tonight I have the pleasure to announce to you the launch of the French version of the Wormworld Saga! I have to thank my friend Issa for doing this translation for me and I hope the French audience will enjoy it. If you happen to be a French reader, please help to spread the word in the French speaking world!

I also have to thank my wife who is helping me tremendously with layouting the translations recently. In fact, I want to use this occasion to mention her blog where she posts her wonderful crafting projects which little Lucas and I are enjoying so much here at home. I mean, just look at this adorable Totoro for example. It's a music box!

So, if you are interested in crafting and home decoration, have a look at her blog. She will be so happy to welcome some new visitors!


  1. Merci de penser à nous, très belle œuvre !

    (Thanks for thinking of us, great job !)

  2. I will always prefer to read in the original, but now I will be able to send the link to more people! Thanks for having your work translated in different languages :)

  3. Daniel, thank you so much for this generousity you spread with your art =). I am 30, and currently self studying sketching and digital painting. On my way to this your work is really inspiring by its sense of mood creation, vibrating colors, composition and so on =).
    If I can be of any help on your french translations (I am french), i am available for free (as a "second eye" if you need). I really want to help you on your journey to become independant, even if it is tiny ^^.
    Have a good day, I wish you all the best !

  4. I have sent you a mail with propositions, hope it will help =).

  5. If you wish, I could translate it into Swedish for you. It's a fantastic start, and it really poked and prodded my imagination in all the right places. Well-written and amazingly put together.

  6. 30yo journalist, I totally LOVE this comic. I look forward for the next chapters! I'm italian, so if you need help for the translation i can do it!