Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Art of the Wormworld Saga - Step 1 online!

Wow, that really caught me by surprise! The kickstarter progress jumped from 37% this morning up to 44% this evening. This means it's time for the first video. Due to the maximum length of 15 minutes per video on YouTube I had to cut it into two parts. You can watch them here directly on the blog or in my YouTube channel.

I would be happy to receive your feedback on the videos and if you happen to have any questions, please shoot them at me!

The next step - the drawing - will be posted as soon as the kickstarter campaign reaches 60% of the funding goal. So, please keep on spreading the word! The more people learn about this, the less will everyone have to contribute to its success! And since it's always handy to have a link within reach - click here to find the kickstarter project page:

The Wormworld Saga App at kickstarter.com


  1. Ich liebe es, dir beim Malen zuzusehen und vor allem zuzuhören. Man merkt genau, wenn du dich konzentrierst und in deinem Bild versinkst. Ich habe mich vor allem über deine deutschen Begriffe amüsiert. Mein Englisch ist allerdings weit schlechter, daher auch der deutsche Kommentar ;)

    Super Videos! Ich kann gar nicht erwarten, die anderen zu sehen!

  2. Thanks for persevering with the English commentary, despite vocabulary problems! :)

    I don't know if you've already recorded the other videos in the series yet, but you might be interested in copying some ideas from this drawing video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUWkUAH9PIM

    In particular, the artist films the drawing process, then plays it back and records a commentary describing what they were doing - which means they can spend some time talking about technique while the video shows boring things like shading, and they don't have to choose between drawing faces and talking. :)

  3. If you upload enough youtube videos then after a while you will be able to upload longer videos. :)

  4. @ Screwtape:

    That's a good point. Although, that would mean that it would take double the time to produce a video. That wouldn't have been possible right now (I needed a full sunday to record the videos) but I will definitely keep that in mind for future video recordings.

    @ Lukas Kirkby:

    Oh, really? I tried to find out how it can be that some videos on YouTube are longer than 15 minutes but I didn't find useful information on that. Do you have a link for me?

  5. That jump was due to 1 $500 and 1 $250 donation. I refreshed and noticed the large jump but from only 2 donations. It is great that the project is gaining popularity.

    I really enjoyed the videos Daniel. I know one of the words that you did not know the English for was 'headboard' - the wooden board at the top of the bed.

    As for the bed covering did you mean 'blanket' or 'duvet'?

  6. What ist about posting it on vimeo? It can be as long as you want and vimeo got a bit more of the "artist-posts-his-work"-feeling.

  7. Wonderful videos. Thanks for the insight. I'm always interesting how other artists are working and I'm looking forward to the next part.

  8. @ Thomas G.:

    vimeo says in its guidelines that you can't post commercial things there. And since these videos are incentives for a kickstarter campaign... I don't know - I don't want to risk to get banned there. But yeah, vimeo would be a good alternative otherwise.

  9. Very interesting. I really find a lot of insight hearing how you approach your work.

  10. I believe 60% have been reached, so I'm looking forward to the next video. It'll save my otherwise boring day ;)

  11. I'm sorry Daniel but I'm not really sure. I was just given a notification from youtube a few months ago saying I could upload longer videos.