Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm getting prepared!

I received a shipment of cardboard tubes yesterday.

Also, I received a second bottle of blue stamp color.

I already had ordered one at the beginning of the kickstarter campaign but in the last week I figured that this actually wouldn't be enough to mark ...

...over 700 prints!

You know, THIS is the moment at last. The moment I was waiting for ever since we reached the funding goal of $12.000. The moment where actual physical evidence is sitting right in my face and helps me to realize the crazy things that happened over the last four weeks. I can't believe what you all just did. It's unbelievable!

My print provider will fall off his chair when he receives my next print order...

By the way, because of some serious server trouble yesterday, the fine people at kickstarter have extended the deadline of the Wormworld Saga App fundraising campaign by full 48 hours to 2nd April. So, you've got three days left to become one of those people who will drain my blue stamp color supplies. I guess by now you know the link by heart:

1 comment:

  1. Hey Daniel, you could try sneaking with a camera in to the office of your print provider so we could also see his expression ;)

    Again very glad how the things worked out for you man. Hope that the whole work around all the printing, signing and sending will be as some kind of reward too, very exhausting but still...