Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Frankfurt Bookfair 2012

The magic painting in the illustration was cut out and illuminated with LEDs.

Last weekend I visited the world's largest bookfair in Frankfurt where my publisher Tokyopop and I presented the first Wormworld Saga book. Tokyopop's booth was covered all over in Wormworld Saga artwork and they had prepared these nice displays with the glowing magic painting that you can see in the foto above.

The center of Tokyopop's booth was covered with Wormworld Saga artwork.

I loved watching people - especially children - skip through the pages of the book.
I had signing sessions throughout from Friday to Sunday. When the fair was opened for the general public on Saturday and Sunday the halls got really crowded and many people visited my signing table in order to get a little drawing and a signature into their books. On Saturday we had a short stage presentation where the CEO of Tokyopop, Dr. Joachim Kaps, and I talked about the steps of the Wormworld Saga from a hobby project to a successful webcomic and to a published book.

Many people I met in frankfurt discovered the Wormworld Saga there for the first time.

It was nice to get into personal contact with people.

The brand new Loki plush watched over my signing queue...

... and was also eager for some cuddling to shorten the wait for my younger fans.
Dr. Joachim Kaps and me on our panel about the Wormworld Saga.

Another picture of our panel.
For me the bookfair was a real nice experience. We had wonderful feedback from the people that visited our booth, I met a lot of fans and at the end of the fair we sold out of all the Wormworld Saga books that Tokyopop had brought to the booth. There have been talks with foreign publishers and although there's nothing I can tell you just now, I'm very optimistic that we'll see the book edition of the Wormworld Saga in other countries soon.

Many thanks to the whole Tokyopop team for a wonderful bookfair experience!



  2. Ohnoez! I missed the Loki plush :/

  3. Sounds like you had a really great weekend. And how nice, that all the books they brought, were sold. That's just awesome :)

    Must be great to see your own artwork blown up into the sizes that they are, in that booth. Very cool.

    I wish you continued success - you certainly deserves it!

  4. Love the book which arrived some days before. so does my 4 years old son :)

  5. I got my book two days ago, and I am very happy to finally have some of the artwork in print in front of me. It will get a special place in my bookshell.
    However, I feel that the colors of some pictures are too dark, while others are too bright. This might be caused by the differences between viewing the novel on my ipad screen (intrinsically illuminated) and viewing it in print. Just my feeling after looking through it for a while.
    Other than that, great work, I am already considering buying a second one.

  6. Es freut mich jedes Mal wieder von deinen Fortschritten zu lesen.
    Aber mit so einem klasse Projekt.. kein Wunder! :)

    Ich drücke aber auch weiter die Daumen auf das die Wormworld-Saga noch mehr Leute in ihren Bann zieht ;)

    Ganz liebe Grüße aus Hamburg

  7. J'espère pouvoir un jour avoir une dédicace en France ;) Vivement la suite !

    I hope i can get a signed book some day in France ;) Looking forward to reading the next chapter !

  8. I didn't know Tokyopop still existed as a publisher...

  9. Tokyopop still exists in Germany (and Japan of course) and has actually taken over some of the business assets from the American branch. Too bad that Tokyopop America cloed its doors. We'd already have our American publisher if they would still exist.

  10. Coolcoolcool! I'm so pretty glad to see how that project grows and accelerates more and more. Nice idea, the LEDs! Good luck so long and I'm looking forward to the next update of the 5th-chapter-progress (kind of missing the greyscale-strips turning to green :)

  11. No worries, the progress chart will return. I'm half through with the Chapter 5 prelim so it shouldn't be long now until I'll officially kick off the production with the milestone plan. Things got delayed a lot by the kickstarter campaign and the book release. But I won't complain about that. All this is neccessary to keep the project running.

  12. Daniel, you're great! Keep up the good job, man!!