Thursday, December 6, 2012

Chapter 5, Title Announcement

Just like you, I've been waiting for this update for a long time now. Over 3 months have passed since the release of Chapter 4 and I fear that a lot of you are already waiting for the next chapter being released at the end of this month. Well, that's not going to happen. What I can announce today is, that Chapter 5 is written and illustrated in its preliminary version and that I have decided on a title for it:

Chapter 5 - The Call of the Worm Mountain

I can give you a couple of reasons for the delay of Chapter 5. September started with three weeks of vacation during which I maintained the Wormworld Saga Treasure Chest kickstarter campaign. Right after returning home I headed to Frankfurt Bookfair to promote the release of the first Wormworld Saga book. In the following weeks my work was frequently interrupted by interviews concerning the book release and my wife and I started the production of all the fan items that were successfully financed through kickstarter. Just have a look at this:

Currently we're right in the middle of sending out this sweet stuff to the incredible backers of the kickstarter campaign. In January we're going to open up the Wormworld Shop in which then everyone will be able to get these items and more. Rest assured that this will be properly announced when the time comes.

But it would only be half the truth to say that these things alone caused the delay of Chapter 5. A major reason for the long time it took me to finish the writing of this chapter is, that it was a very hard chapter to write. Ironically, I started my work on Chapter 5 thinking that it would be a very easy chapter to write. I got over all the complicated legends and myths stuff in Chapter 4 and now I would only have to send Jonas out into the Wormworld, right? 


When I started writing Chapter 5, I noticed that I made very little progress each day. I was really slow. Something was holding me back but I didn't know what it was. I just wanted to continue the adventure after all the talking in Chapter 4 but somehow I couldn't move on. Then I realized that it was Jonas who couldn't just move on. I had devastated him. I confronted him with a mission that in his eyes was absolutely impossible, unthinkable even. How could I expect him to just pick up his stuff and walk on? It was really hard work to cheer the little guy up and give him a reason to go on. When he finally was ready to continue his journey, so was I.

There were more issues like that. Without going into too much detail right now (I'm going to spare that for the 'Making Of') I must say that never before I've spent so much time on writing and rewriting dialogs. After having finished the prelim now I must say that Chapter 5 is a very important chapter. It looked so harmless on first sight but it was a lot of hard work to write.

And it's going to be huge! As you can see in the milestone chart above, it's going to be a lot longer than any chapter before it. It even dwarfs Chapter 3 which is really intimidating for me. I've got a lot of spectacular art in mind for this chapter and now that it's completely written I can't wait to illustrate it.

I'm not going to announce a release date for Chapter 5 just now. As you all know, we're heading into the Holidays and this means at least a few days of caring about other things than work. I hope to reach at least the first milestone before the end of the year though. I'm bracing for working like an ox through January and February and my dream goal would be to release Chapter 5 at the end of February. I don't know yet if this is realistic since the milestones are longer than usual this time. I guess that I will find out over the next two months, at what release date we are heading.

From now on I will keep you updated again about my progress and with every milestone update I will post preview images from Chapter 5. The Worm Mountain calls!  


  1. I'm so excited!
    The book has been a wish for my birthday, I got it and read it several times. I'm looking forward Chapter 5!!!
    Thank you for your work!

  2. I'm not to bothered about any excuses or delays. I'm just content knowing that you're working on this.Keep up the great work Daniel!

  3. You are amazing. I can't wait to see where you take the next segment of the story. :)

  4. So glad you're back!
    Wasn't used to not reading about your activities for such a while. I will miss the great annual christmasgift of a brand new chapter, though. Is there a chance to buy wormworld-merchandise, maybe even for christmas? I was one of those who would have loved to back your kickstarter-thing, but has no creditcard.
    Keep up the great work, i'm really a fan, though (tiny and very subjective critical feedback) i sometimes find your colouring a bit cheesy - or maybe the german word "kitschig" is more exactly what i mean.
    Still, i love what you are giving to us, thank you!

  5. Yeah! I was "afraid" of your chapter coming out early january and not be able to read it because I will then be in hospital having a baby ;) - but now that you are thinking more of Feb. if not later it suits me perfectly! ^^
    Very much looking forward to reading it!
    I bet none of us, readers, would mind if you were spending less time on the World Worm Saga but rather spending more time enjoying Christmas and New Year with your family! Wishing you a very happy time!

  6. Oh, forgot to ask: will the book be available in other languages too? (I only see it in German at the moment, but would love to be able to get it in French next year for my brothers!)

  7. You take all the time you need. It's WELL worth the wait. Such beauty takes time!

  8. Hi Daniel,
    no worries, I don't think any of us feared that you might have left us. To be honest, I'm a bit surprised of how much work you already put into Chapter 5, with the kickstarter campaign and all that going on...
    I received my rewards by the way, and I must say I'm delighted. My children love the pin buttons and window pictures, and our fridge is now wormworld-seal-protected... :)
    So, take some time with your family during the holidays, relax, and we will patiently wait for the new chapter some time next year. Great work so far!

  9. YES!
    Okay, all is right in the world again. Been waiting for this post, checking in on the blog a few times a week. In the words of Heath Ledger's joker, "And Here We Go." Good luck.

  10. Thank you all for your super nice comments! It really means a lot to me to get this encouraging feedback. I hope that everyone enjoys these last weeks of the year. I have to admit that I'm a bit relieved that I don't have to juggle all the things, that come with a chapter release, around Christmas. I have to say that I really need at least a few calm days this year.

    @ Fred:

    There's a very good chance that the first translated version of the book will be a French one. I'll keep everyone updated on this here on the blog.

  11. Brilliant :) Looking forward to the update!