Monday, July 18, 2011

The app is coming closer!

My first week in the home office is over now and man - I've really got lots of stuff done! The app is very close to a first version (which will then be tested and polished) and I'm really looking forward to make it available to you as soon as we have finished our work on it and it's got the approval from Apple.

I also want to ask you to take part in a small poll that you'll find on the right side of the blog. Basically I want to find out what percentage of my followers own a tablet device and if they do, which OS is running on it. Later we'll also have a poll about price points but let's make one step at a time here.

Alright, still lots of work ahead. Let's get this second week rolling!


  1. Wann in etwa wird die Tokyopop Version erhältlich sein ? Ist da schon ein Datum bekannt ?

    Leider hab' ich nicht die Mittel Fanartikel zu kaufen und auch kein smartphone / tablet mit dem ich mir die app besorgen könnte, aber würde Dich trotzdem gerne unterstützen c:

  2. Hallo Jutta,

    die Buchausgabe von Tokyopop ist für Sommer/Herbst 2012 geplant.

  3. Nur mal so als Denkanstoß: Es gibt auch Tablets und Smartphones, die nicht unter iOS oder Android laufen:

  4. hi Daniel :) I vote on the poll. we own both ipad and Android tablet tho. :)

    can't wait to see it.

  5. Got an 4" android smartphone, will be difficult to read without zooming all the time, won't it?!

  6. Done my duty.
    Keep on, Daniel!! :D

  7. I use an Android based mobile iPhone and look forward to have the App. running on it. Hopefully you're not restricting yourself to any of the tablets.

  8. Wasnt sure what to put! I have an ipod touch, on which I'll be buying your app :)

  9. Same, I intend to buy the app for my iphone.

    cheers fabian

  10. Dashel & Fabian:

    The thing is that iPod and iPhone don't have enough resolution to display the app. Currently the app is only planned for tablet devices or smart phones with very large displays.

    Thanks for the input so far to everybody. I'm surprised that the percentage of people who own a tablet device is so high right at the moment. I expected it to be a lot lower. But let's see how these figures develop with more votes.

  11. Hey Daniel,
    das ist sehr schade und fast ein Schock für mich, dass es die Apps nur für große Bildschirme geben soll!
    Eigentlich war für mich klar, dass ich dich in deiner Arbeit zu unterstützen und mir die App zu kaufen, allerdings hab ich nur n' iPod Touch!
    Hast du auch schonmal an den (relativ neuen) Mac App Store gedacht? Oder überhaupt ne Version für richtige Computer?

  12. @ Alex:

    Die Option mit dem Mac App Store werde ich auf jeden Fall prüfen. Und auch sonst werden wir die App auf alle Plattformen bringen, die irgendwie möglich sind. Selbst eine eigene App im Smartphone-Format will ich nicht ausschließen. Die anstehende App ist allerdings für Auflösungen ab 1024px Breite angelegt. Darunter würde es auch einfach keinen Spaß machen, sich das Ganze anzuschauen. Aber keine Panik - die freie Version im Browser wird es ja immer geben. Die Story ansich wird also niemand verpassen müssen, nur weil er nicht das passende Gerät zur Hand hat.

  13. does that mean you won't be able to purchase the app for the iphone at all? or will it still be possible with a hint that it is not optimize for iphone?

    i know you probably want to have it as smooth as possbile and therefore no zooming, but i actually wouldn't mind zoom in/out on my iphone.

    well, otherwise i have to hope for a high-resolution display on iphone 5 since i have no need for an ipad ;).

  14. :) Let's hope it's not restricted to Europe, as I'm in Malaysia.

    Really looking forward to this app.

  15. @ Fabian:

    For smartphones like the iPhone you would certainly need a dedicated app in which the layout would be rearranged so that you won't have to zoom. I appreciate that you would be willing to live with some inconvenience but I think a lot of people would be annoyed if we would just sell the high resolution app for small screens. However, you will always be able to read the story in the free online version and maybe with the next generation of smartphones the whole resolution issue will be history anyway.

  16. I'll be buying an iPad version, guaranteed!

  17. Ah thats a dissapointment! Though I get why it would be difficult for a small resolution. Still a shame though, especially I see no reason to buy a tablet. Guess I'll have to find another way to support you and the wormworld saga! :)

  18. Although I don't own a tablet, it will be a pleasure to borrow one and download your app to read as you meant it to be read!

  19. Hello,
    I don't own a tablet but plan to download the app on my iPod Touch (2G). Hope that helps!

  20. Tablets are perfect for this kind of disruptive art format.

    For what it's worth, you may want to check Gartner Forecast. You'll find their April data at

    May help you prioritize your conversion decision... iOS was still forecasted to be a little ahead of Android OS (don't know about their June forecast updates)

    Good luck and thanks for your awesome work!