Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chapter 3, Title Announcement

I've finally finished my work on the preliminary version of Chapter 3! Now I'm able to setup the milestones for the chapter and I'm also able to announce the title:

Chapter 3 - A Monstrous Forest

I took me longer than expected to create the prelim of Chapter 3. My mind refused to rush through the task and forced me to stop and think frequently. I felt horribly unproductive and slow during the last 2,5 weeks especially if I compare the prelim process to the production process during the milestone phase where I just burn through the panel illustrations. I guess I just have to admit to myself that writing a chapter is a very different task from illustrating it. If I'm able to make my peace with that I might even be able to enjoy it in the future.

My next step is something I haven't done at all up to this point. I'm going to create concept art for several characters, creatures and locations that are introduced in Chapter 3. For chapters 1 and 2 I hardly did any concept art. Jonas had already been designed when I started work on the graphic novel and the other characters were designed on the fly. The locations were improvised from my childhood memories and real life reference. Chapter 3 now contains a lot of elements that I only have a rough idea of in my head. I will have to put some extra work into their further development so that I become able to illustrate them. The good news about this is that you'll find a lot of 'Making Of' material when Chapter 3 is released. The bad news is that my schedule gets screwed up by this to some extend. I don't know how much time it will take me to finish the concept art but it is very likely that Chapter 3 won't be launched before April. However, I'll try to enjoy the concept art process and don't see it as a hindrance.

In other news: I have updated the Wormworld Saga Website to reflect the upcoming new chapter. I also changed the background image to bring us all into the right mood for Chapter 3:

Translation news: Chapter 1 is now available in a Czech and a Korean translation. Many thanks to the translators, Lukáš Balcárek and Yuna Lee, and to Ivan Berov, who again did a great job on the layout of the translations. Seriously, I don't know what I would do without this guy!

Ok, I hope I'll be able to announce the Android version of the Wormworld Saga App soon. I'm off designing stuff now.


  1. I'll be honest... it looks like your shooting your prelim version with a spit wad...


  2. And again more panels, very impressive!
    Looking forward to this "Making of" material in the App!

  3. Your work is absolutely an inspiration. Taking MAJOR notes. You should know however, there are industry executives terrified of what you represent. It signals a possible end to publishing tyranny...if not the end of their cushy jobs. Keep Going!!!:-)

  4. Just wanted to say I've stumbled across your comic and I'm very excited to get into it! Your art work is fantastic, and I'm a sucker for fairy tales and portal fantasies!

  5. This blog has been a huge inspiration to me for a while, and while this question may appear totally out of context, after seeing the kickstarter images I had to ask where you get your art prints "printed".

    1. It's a small specialized print shop in Cologne. If you'd like to have more precise information, please email me!

  6. When is the Android app coming? If there are problems developing it, maybe you can publish the source code or describe the problems or something and there may be people reading this blog who could help. Just an idea. Cause I'm dying to get this app on my tablet.

  7. Hi,

    Your friend Gary is my brother neighbor, he gave me the link to your comic.

    Congratulations your art is AMAZING I'm jealous! ;)
    I'm trying to earn my living with my art, but I guess I need some improvement and a lot of luck!. If you are curious you can have a look at

    Best wishes

    1. You've got wonderful work on your website! Say hello to Gary from me!

  8. Congratulation for this new chapter, in these amazing scenaries

    If it can help I think there's a tiny little mistake in the french translation in the very last balloon : it's not "calme moi" but "calme toi"