Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chapter 2 now available in the App!

Man it feels like an eternity since Chapter 2 has been launched on the website. As I posted just before Christmas, we had to perform an unforeseen update of the app in order to implement Chapter 2 flawlessly. It turned out that Apple (who has to approve all updates before launch) was extremely busy in the past few weeks and that delayed everything quite a lot. Well, today I can share the news that Chapter 2 is now available inside the app. I'm really sorry for this delay and for future chapters we'll make sure that everything gets launched simultaniously on the website and the app.

The Collector's Edition of Chapter 2 comes with the standard special features (artwork mode and sketch mode plus author commentary) and two new items inside the artbook portion of the app. Inside these items you will find exclusive photos from an inspirational photo safari around my brother's house and a very detailed Making Of article about the creation of my painting "The Journes Begins" with lots of material which never was published before.

Excerpt from "The Making of Chapter 2" - Click for original size!
Excerpt from "The Making of  'The Journey Begins'" - Click for original size!
There also will be news about the Android version of the app soon. I don't want to promise something that we are not 100% sure about just yet.

In other news:

Thanks to the relentless effort of Ivan Berov, we were able to launch several new translations of the Wormworld Saga during the past few weeks. Chapter 1 is now available in Dutch, Italian, Croatian and Bosnian and we also already finished the Chinese and Croatian translations of Chapter 2. Ivan did not just do a wonderful job on the layout of the translations but also was able to reorganize my working documents to streamline the whole process. He's a dream guy! :)

I'm quite close to finishing the Chapter 3 preliminary version, but more details on that in my next blog update.

Have a nice day everyone!


  1. Whoa, makes me very curious to see the android version of the app soon. Is there any ETA for that yet?

  2. The additional content, especially the explanation in the prelim version is awesome.

  3. I'm dying to download the Android app!

  4. I too am waiting for the android app. I haven't read chapter 2 yet so I can read it on my android tablet when the app finally comes out.

  5. As I wrote in the blog post, I'm not quite ready to make a final announcement about the Android App. With all the different devices (and different screen resolutions) that have to be supported it just turned out to be a little bit tricky. However, the developer and I are very aware of the demand for the Android App and we aren't far from completion now.

  6. i also guess that it will be too availlable for mobile version (including iphone/ipod touch version ?)

    i'm certain that it give you more audience :)

    1. That is a frequent request. The thing is that the screens of these devices are too small for the sort of experience I'm aiming at with the Wormworld Saga. However, I'll try to bring the app and its special features to as many platforms as possible.

    2. i see, you can take a look at DC comic (as well on android than IOS) for to give you some idea because it did have some good system :)

  7. Hey Daniel, Lotte is very excited about her appearance in "The Art of the Wormworld Saga" ;)