Wednesday, October 5, 2011

iPad App Available Worldwide and Website Update

I'm happy to inform you that our update of the Wormworld Saga App for iPad got approved by Apple and that the app is now available worldwide! You should find it in your local iTunes App Store now by simply searching for "Wormworld".

I'm really sorry for the delay that this caused for a lot of you. But we reasoned that it would be better to wait a few days instead of presenting you a potentially flawed experience of the Wormworld Saga App. I hope that you will enjoy the app now.

By the way, you all would help to promote the app tremendously by giving it a rating or by even writing a review in the App Store. These things are very important to get the app to places where it receives better recognition.

And there's other news, too! I updated the Wormworld Saga Website to reflect the launch of the app and to prepare for the fact that there will be two chapters soon. This is the first update of the website since December 2010. It really was about time!

I got a lot of stuff out of my way now and I'm finally able to concentrate on Chapter 2 again. Next week Frankfurt Bookfair will occupy me for some days though. By the way: there will be an official Wormworld Saga Event at the Tokyopop booth (hall 3.0, booth K834) on Saturday 15th October at 1:30pm (13:30) and I will do some signing afterwards. I'm really looking forward to that! Maybe I'll see some of you there?


  1. Is there going to be an Android version?

  2. Yes, it's already in the making and will be available soon.

  3. Awesome! I bought it downloaded it and have already shared it with friends. There was a bug writing a review from my iPad2 but I will try it again when I get the time! Thanks! Good luck!

  4. Hi Daniel, ich plane mit einem Freund auf die Buchmesse zu fahren und wir wollten auch unbedingt bei Dir vorbeisehen. Wird es möglich sein, einen Deiner Prints zu kaufen? Wär schön, Dich nicht nur zu unterstützen, sondern das Autogramm persönlich abzuholen.

  5. Lifrhasil:

    Ich werde keine Drucke dabei haben, sorry. Aber es gibt wohl Signierkarten von Tokyopop, die zumindest ein exklusives Mitbringsel abgeben werden. :)

  6. Nach 2 Monaten mal eine Nachfrage: Wie ist der aktuelle Status der Android-App? :-)

  7. Hallo Daniel.
    Auch mich interessiert sehr wie weit die Android-App ist. Kann es kaum erwarten Deine Geschichte auf meinem Tablet zu geniesen.