Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Turkish Version Online!

The Turkish fantasy portal website Kayip Rihtim provided a Turkish Version of the Wormworld Saga! It is now available on I wish all Turkish readers a joyful time with this translation!


  1. Hey! This is an excellent news! Thanks for you and Kayıp Rıhtım! I love that!!! Thank you very very much again.

  2. Hey! Im from, This is a fantastic new!

  3. So can we get some news on when the next chapter is coming out? Or even just how it's going so far?

  4. @ Nathan:

    I'm going to write a summary of the last few weeks and a roadmap for the next steps this weekend. So, yes, you will have all the info shortly!

  5. You're quickly becoming one of my favorite online people. And I'm so happy to hear all the great news from your life right now. Wonderful that your little seedling is in the world and doing well =D

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful resources you've provided. You're 10 year retrospective is lovely, and very inspiring. For me, there is nothing more motivating than seeing the early work of people I admire as artists. A reminder that this path is very beautiful and very long. And we all start at the beginning.

    Really. Thank you. You've gained a new loyal fan! =D