Sunday, February 27, 2011

Brazilian Portuguese Version online!

I was finally able to layout and upload the Brazilian Portuguese translation of the first chapter of the Wormworld Saga. Interestingly, I received about 10 times as much offers for this translation than for any other language. So I figure that a lot of you were waiting for this. I hope you enjoy the translation and please spread the word throughout Brazil!


  1. That's because Brazil loves your work, Daniel.

    I showed Wormworld Saga for as many people as I could, and they all loved your wonderful work. Now in Portuguese will spread even further.

  2. What bbarata said is absolutely true! Can't wait to spread the news. This idea of translating Wormworld into several languages is an excellent initiative. Congrats.

  3. The Brazilian Translation is not so good... The speeches sound like robotics, we don't speak like that. Anyway, the story is amazing! I will try the english version now.

    The art... WOW... absolutely incredible, man!

    Congrats! :)

  4. @ grafomaniaco:

    I can't argue against that because I don't speak Brazilian Portuguese. The translation is from Brazilian native speakers and it can't be sooo bad, can it? However, I'm happy that the translation exists. It's definitely better than no translation at all I guess. Any thoughts from other native speakers?

  5. Hey, should you not have gone for the Portuguese/Brazilian flag? Like you did with English and the US? I find it pretty insulting that you used the USA flag to show the ENGLISH languade and I think the Portuguese may think the same about the Brazilian flag...
    Great artwork though loved it just thought I'd point out a political error :)

  6. @ Anonymous:

    Like I understand it, Brazilian Portuguese is quite different from European Portuguese and a European Portoguese version would be an additional translation with its own flag.

    And I'm sorry if you feel insulted by the language icons. But it's a fact that English is spoken in the US, too. And the majority of readers actually is coming from the US so if I wanted to balance it fairly I'd have to make the British portion of the icon a lot smaller. :)

  7. No worry, is not so bad! Sound a little strange in some parts, but it's OK!. Brazilian Portuguese is different from European Portuguese, but not Sooooo different. In fact, after the new Spelling Agreement, Brazil and Portugal have almost the same language. Hypothetically.

  8. First of all, congratulations! Your work is amazing. The scenarios, colors, textures, everything visual-related are plain and simply beautiful.

    And like was already said, the idea of translating the Saga into more than one language is a remarkable step.

    In defense of the translators: relax, the translation is great, and as faithfull as possible to the original. Nice work.
    And Brazilian Portuguese is indeed different from the European one. For the portuguese's sake, I hope you find European Portuguese translators as soon as possible, so they too can be amazed by your work.

    Keep up the good work, man!

    PS: this painting on the right side of the page, here, it's just... wow... mindblowing.

  9. yea i backup slash here.. the translation is fine and any brazilian reader will understand it easily.. not so sure about people from portugal, though.

    anyway, great work daniel! looking forward to the next chapter..


  10. Hey, Daniel, great work, man! Truly inspiring, really really awesome.

    The paintings are astonishingly beautiful; and the fact that the story unfolds from childhood memories and the dreamy quality they have profoundly moves me. Congratulations!

    I gotta say, though, that I too felt that the Brazilian Portuguese translation is a little rough. It could use a little refinement in some lines that, as they are now, feel like they were translated too literally. Also, I detected some typos. These are problems that get in the way of the fluid appreciation of the material; when I read it one or two weeks ago for the first time, in English, it felt so much more organic than now (just finished reading it again in my native language). Which is annoying, 'cause I think this fluidity is what you were aiming for (a direct prose, whose beauty is precisely in its simplicity), and also because the text is fairly easy to translate to Portuguese without harming this simple, fluid quality.

    Anyway, congratulations again, Daniel. Keep up the good work; and - what else can I say? - I'm already eager for the next chapter!

    Gabriel, from Rio de Janeiro

  11. Thanks for all your feedback about the translation. I have already received a list of mistakes that I will fix as soon as possible. Concerning the fluidity of the writing - I didn't even manage to make the German version (my own mother language) as fluid as the English one. So I can understand that it's not easy to accomplish that. One great aspect of online pulishing is, that there's always a chance to refine and update. Someday I might have the funds to pay professional translators but until then I'm very happy to be able to present fan translations!

  12. Hello Daniel met Wormworld Saga today. I am Brazilian and your product has an exceptional quality. I especially enjoyed the plot. I felt like a child again. Success!

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