Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wormworld Saga Fan Artwork - Batch 1

Today I have an extra special treat for you all! I asked my peers at to create some fan artwork for the Wormworld Saga and I'm totally in awe over the great artworks they turned in so far. My favorite piece of this first batch of fan artwork goes directly into the credits but of course I want to show you ALL of the fantastic digital illustrations that were painted by some of the top talents of Germany's biggest digital art community. Here you go! (click images to enlarge!)

My heartfelt thanks to the artists!

I have also finally implemented all the donators and print customers into the credits. Sorry that it took me some time!


  1. ... nice and "here be dragons".

  2. Holy Crap there are some amazing fan arts there! Nice to see other peoples takes on your amazing story and characters :)

  3. Hi Daniel! Let me take the opportunity to congratulate you for your artworks, you're so brilliantly talented!!
    The Wormworld Saga really rocks!! Congrats again!!

  4. gänz ä feini sach.
    das wird hoffentli ä astrid lindgreen top-gschicht. ev. lönd sich ja mal no prof. pädagogische stilmittel ibindä.

    Gschwellti=häppärä, schwitzerdütsch
    Hecktik der Dialektik us dä Chäs-Schoggi-Ecke aka Steuerflucht-Bankenparadis

    Aupä Tonisepp