Sunday, January 9, 2011

Welcome Geek Dads! Print Shop's online!

Today, the Wormworld Saga Online Graphic Novel is featured on the Geed Dad Blog  on I welcome all new readers that found their way to the Wormworld Saga from over there. I hope you enjoy the first chapter!

Since on weekends there is less traffic, my inbox has finally calmed down a bit and I had time to finish the print shop. It's now online and features a range of artworks of which some are available for the very first time.

Besides all time favorites like 'The Journey Begins' and 'Trapped!' you will find a first time edition of 'Rise Of The Firelord' and 'Welcome To The Wormworld'. Also, I have picked 15 different panel artworks of which you can buy 20x15cm prints with rounded corners. All items in the shop are hand signed and bear the Wormseal stamp that I've posted about a few months ago.

I hope some of you find what they are looking for in the print shop and remember: purchasing a print entitles the byer to be listed in the credits. And because the prices for the prints are mostly higher then the average donation amount, your name will most likely end up pretty high in the credits.

Ok, I'm bracing for the next week. I gave some interviews and the Wormworld Saga will be featured on several websites. That should bring in some more new readers. We're approaching 200.000 readers right now and I'm really curious how fast this milestone will be reached.


  1. Yay! I was going to buy a print, but since the shop wasn't open, I decided to donate intead.

    Well, it was well spent money anyways.

    Good luck, Daniel. Your work is truly inspiring.

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