Friday, December 31, 2010

Over 10.000 reads - Thank you so much!

The end of the year comes close and I just want to thank all of you for your support over the last 12 month. Your comments on my progress and your encouraging words helped me a great deal on my way. It really means a lot to me!

The last 6 days I was overwhelmed by your feedback. The first chapter has already been read over 10.000 times in less then a week. That in my eyes is a tremendous achievement for the starting week of a webcomic. I want to thank every single one of you who spread the word and I also want to thank all the donators who have already created a nice budget for my first advertising run. The next thing on my list now is the opening of the prints shop which you can expect within the next two weeks.

But now it's time to lean back a bit and celebrate the new year! I wish everyone a happy new year 2011 and I hope to see you all around!


  1. Hi, Daniel,

    A few days ago I found you via Reddit, and this morning you're on Metafilter! The attention is well-deserved. (I've put up links to Wormworld at the site of my own online endeavors, Planet Saturday Comics... this is not equivalent to being mentioned by Oprah or anything, but it's what I can do.)

    Anyway, it's inspirational to see the results of the time and care you've put into this work. Thanks very much.



  2. Hi Daniel,

    I just read your comic after seeing the link on Phoenix Requiem... Amazing! The art and the storyline so far is excellent.

    Reading it felt like watching a movie, and I was really disappointed to see it end. Can't wait for more!

    Definitely going to link to it on my website ( ).

    ~Brittany Ann

  3. Please start a kickstarter page!

    I'm pretty confident you'll get fully funded there, based on this first chapter.

    (ps, your contact email addresses aren't working)

  4. Hi Daniel, I've just read your comic after seeing it on Phoenix Requiem and really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to being able to order the print :-)

  5. Hello Daniel! I got to your comic from a link on Phoenix Requiem, and I must say that when I started scrolling down, it felt like I was watching TV, when the camera slowly moves from sky down to the town. I couldn't believe my eyes at first when I couldn't see the end of 'page 1'. I was thinking, "No way, this guy actually decided to CONNECT all the freaking pages?"

    Haha, I was amazed to say the least, but so deeply impressed. I am most awed by your colouring technique. It's like when I see you playing with shadow and light with such simple strokes in the background and getting such realistic results, I felt really inspired to be better at it too. Looking at your comic felt like I was looking at real light. And the warm orange light glowing from inside the house looked so cosy - well I better stop my rant here it's getting weird haha.

    I'll keep spreading word about your comic because I think it's amazing and I admire the time, effort and care you put into this whole thing. 1 year is not too long to wait for the next chapter. Keep it up until the end!!

  6. I found this through the blog "lines and colors" and I was mildly interested... then I saw "Michael Ende Elemetary" and I knew this was my kind of story :-) Can't wait to see more!

  7. @ Monty:

    Thanks for spreading the word!

    @ Brittany Ann:

    i was totally thrilles when I learned about the plug on Phoenix Requiem. That is such an honor! Also thank you for linking to me!

    @ John:

    I have something in mind for kickstarter. I really want to kick this project into the next gear and kickstarter might be just the right thing to do that. Thanks for pointing me to the malfunctional mail adress. I totally forgot to install this address before the launch. Getting old! :)

    @ Lisa:

    Thanks for your ramblings! :) It motivates me a lot to hear from people who are as passionate about the Wormworld Saga as I am. Thanks for reading and for your nice words!

    @ nthdraft:

    Thank you for pointing me at the Lines and Colors plug! What an amazing Review!

  8. I just read chapter 1 of the Wormworld Saga, and I absolutely loved it! The art is gorgeous. SO gorgeous. Thank you very much for making this. :) It's great to see a webcomic with such high-quality art and an engaging story too.

    Because everything about this webcomic is so awesome, I think it would be worth it if you asked an English native speaker who's good at proofreading to correct future chapters. There are quite a few typos and expressions that don't sound natural, which is really too bad when everything else about this comic is so great!

  9. @ Tabea:

    Thank you for your encouraging words!

    The first chapter was edited by two native speakers. If you have the time, maybe you could send me an email (mail at and point me on some of the typos you encountered. Because it's a webcomic I can change anything anytime.

  10. Many many thanks for this Daniel (and friends)

  11. I have also given you a link in my blog. Your work is really appreciable.
    Many thanks.

  12. Read my feeds this morning via iPad while commuting from Luebeck to Hamburg and got hooked by the boing boing article pointing to Wormworld Saga.

    Thanks Daniel! Was really a blast to read (and got the interest of the people sitting next to me as well)! ;)