Saturday, December 25, 2010

Chapter 1 - Here it is!

I don't want to bother you with too much talk here. The first chapter of the Wormworld Saga Online Graphic Novel is waiting for you! To read it, please visit the brand new Wormworld Saga website at:

I hope you enjoy it and I'd love to read your comments here on the blog.

I hope you all are having nice Holidays!


  1. Genial Daniel,
    ich freu mich schon das Graphic Novel zu lesen wenn ich Zeit habe!! Das sieht schon sehr vielversprechend aus!!! Vielen Dank für deine Mühe!!!
    Und ich wünsch dir viel Erfolg damit!

    Frohe Weihnachtsgrüße

  2. Superb Daniel , i am already waiting for the second chapter !

    Great work again :) , i will talk about it around me as far as i can.
    Waiting for the shop now :) .

    PS : sorry for my bad english ... because i am a french guy LOL ;).

    Joyeux noel à tous.

  3. Wow, das ist wirklich genial. Ich bin sprachlos, wie wunderschön es sich am Bildschirm lesen lässt. Bin wirklich schwer beeindruckt :)

    Liebe Grüße und noch frohe Feiertage.

  4. Vielen lieben Dank! Thank you very much et Merci Beaucoup!

  5. You've done a terrific job , be proud of yourself! But on the other hand the end is killing me, I want to see the wormworld and what adventures are waiting for Jonas- but it will take forever till the next chapter is finished. You're such an evil man, Daniel!

    Oh and I wish you and your little family all the best. Show us some pictures of the next generation of top-artists.

  6. a very impressed oneDecember 25, 2010 at 8:03 PM

    Love it! I was totally immersed in this other world. Because of this beautiful images, sometimes went a tingle through my body..
    A good date for the release of chapter 2 would be the 1.1.2011 wouldn't it? ;)
    And part 3 on easter?


  7. Wow!
    It is incredible Daniel!
    What a fantastic Christmas gift!
    I got chills reading it, beautiful art and the amazing story that is unfolding!
    I cant wait for the second chapter!
    But well worth the wait for this one.
    Congats on everything, inculding the little one on the way!
    Warmest wishes, Merry Christmas.

  8. Sehr schöne Geschichte und wunderbare Bilder!
    Ich hab jetzt schon x mal von oben nach unten und wieder hoch gescrollt und kann immer noch nicht aufhören, mir die Bilder anzugucken...
    Alleine das Licht!
    Ich freue mich schon auf's zweite Kapitel!

  9. Sehr geil :) Ich freue mich auf die Reise. Bis jetzt ist alles genau so, wie man es sich nur wünschen kann für einen fantastischen Comic.

  10. Amazing, I loved every panel. You should be really super proud of the first chapter. Though I'm not sure how I'm supposed to wait another year for the next chapter, I'm already imagining what Jonas is going to get up to. Anyway keep up the amazing work! I'll get as many people as I can to read it.

  11. Very nice. Your use of lighting is amazing.

  12. Very pretty! That's some of the nicest painting I've ever seen in a comic strip. I look forward to seeing more!

  13. Awesome first chapter man! Your painting skills are of the chart.
    Can't wait to see the next chapter.

    Also congratulations with the little Lieske on the way!

  14. @ Dashel:

    If you think that YOU can't wait then take a guess how I am feeling having already written the story for the next 15 chapters and not being able to tell it right away! :D

    Waiting another year for the next chapter is killing me, too. But I'm working hard on accelerating the progress. Let's wait and see what 2011 has in store!

    How long does it take before a newborn can paint? I could need some help here! ;)

    Thanks to all for your encouraging comments!

  15. Deine Workworld Saga ist ohne Zweifel der qualitativ hochwertigste Comic den es derzeit im Netz zu finden gibt. Meine Kinnlade ist vor Bewunderung ausgerenkt; ich finde keine Worte für die Meisterleistung die du mit diesem Werk bereits vollbracht hast und mit künftigen Kapiteln noch vollbringen willst.

    Ich wünsche dir das Allerbeste -- vor Allem, dass sich Sponsoren und Verleger finden die deine gewählte Form der Veröffentlichung unterstützen wollen, so dass du auch finanziell für deine Arbeit hier belohnt wirst. Wie andere bereits vor mir gesagt haben wird die Wartezeit bis zum nächsten Kapitel eine Qual sein!

    Ganz großes Lob und einen Riesen-Respekt von mir. Hut ab, Chapeau!

  16. Daniel I just read your first chapter again, mind was blown for well Im not sure how many times that is now!
    It must be driving you crazy to have the next 15 chapters written already. Though that shows you really must love this story.
    Get your new print store up really soon, my bedroom was recently flooded, of course that wasnt good but it means Im redecorating and I want 'The Journey Begins' to take center stage, I've loved that painting since I first saw it a fair while ago now, cant wait to get my wands on it.

  17. I saw some images from this a while back from a friend... now that it's actually out, WOW. The art in this is FANTASTIC. The lighting and color concept, I LOVE IT!!! Definitely bookmarked this page and will be following you. I'm figuring you have a peer group to review and critique with so let's go ahead guys, HEAP THE PRAISE ON THIS DUDE. he deserves it XD.

  18. Daniel,
    I'm deeply impressed of you.
    This first chapter is near - or in fact is - a masterpiece. A real piece of art in it's finest form.
    And the best: You did it! Go on for it. This is not a little thing to happen. It's great.
    I like the style and the story. And I hate you, as Nusuke does, for making me wait for the the next chapter.
    Best, Holger

  19. Haha, you are killing me! I would give anything to provide you the next chapter instantly. I'm totally suffering with you. You know - shared pain is half the pain! :)

    Thanks for all the encouragement! The first chapter has already been read over 2000 times! You all are doing an extraordinary job of spreading the word! Keep it going - I want to see smoke come out of the server! :D

  20. Wow, das ist so geil geworden.
    Hut ab Daniel, ich freu mich schon auf die nächsten Kapitel :)


  21. Excellent work!
    I really like the vibrant colours. The backgrounds in particular are breathtaking.
    Oh, and "Michael Ende Elementary", eh? I see what you did there ;)

    I've been checking back here since earlier this year when I saw you were making this, and so far, it's living up to my expectations.
    Though, considering story pacing, I suspect we won't see a lot of the WormWorld itself until chapter 3 at least.

    So... same time next year?
    Hm, it seems somehow like blasphemy that what took you a year to make, I was able to consume in ten minutes...
    Oh well, it's something I'll return to multiple times :)

  22. Yeah, you are right about that. But if you don't take into account a full year but the 250 hours it took me to produce the first chapter it looks a lot better. :)

    Oh, and I can tell you that I won't let the second chapter end without at least a glimpse on the Wormworld! :)

    Thanks for your nice comments!

  23. wow o.O
    how could you make the pictures connect smoothly like that? o.O

  24. Hatte meine Leidenschaft für Comix fast vergessen und bin irgendwie auf diese Seite gelangt.
    Die Geschichte ist sehr stimmig und das Scroll-Down ist superschön. Dieser Flow von tollen Bildern mit der Stoy ist toll.


  25. Hallo Daniel,
    Gratulation zur Fertigstellungen deines ersten Kapitels. Ist recht motivierend für mich, denn bei mir wartet auch schon seit einem Zeiterl was in der Schublade.
    Liebe Grüße aus Österreich,

  26. Amazing work, especially the lights and colors (and well, the design !). I enjoyed the first chapter and now waiting for your next one ! So, good luck to do the rest of the Wormworld Saga and anothers projects/works.

    Sorry for my crap' english...I'm french ! XD
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

  27. Awesome work, you're very inspiring to me! I can't wait to see the next chapter :)

  28. Two words: f*cking GORGEOUS.

    I think I might need to go cry in shame because your art is so good. Fantastic storytelling as well! This is amazing. How long did it take you to put that first chapter together?

  29. Holy Moley! The artwork and colouring on this is just stunning. It puts my comic work to shame ( or if you care to look)...!

    I love the secret attic. But then I'm a sucker for attics of any kind simply because of the forgotten memories and treasures they can hold and this one is one of the best I've seen! :+P

    hanging out for chapter 2!

    (Perth Australia)

  30. Wunderschöne, detailreiche Bilder, ein gutes Erzähltempo, Humor in den Details ("Michael-Ende-Grundschule" - 1977?) - da stimmt wirklich alles. Ich bin schon gespannt auf das nächste Kapitel.

  31. Fantastic. I am adding this comic to my list of things I look forward to.

  32. Love it. And the landscape and the details of granny's farmhouse are so German I could cry. I'll keep on reading.

  33. I was directed here by Sarah Ellerton ( What a beautiful creative flowing piece of work you have made. Its is nice to see somebody doing something with web comics that can only be done on the net. I look forward to the next installment, feeling somewhat impatient, but I'm confident it will be well worth whatever wait you subject us to.

    Happy New Year and thank you for sharing this.

  34. Found the link over on polycount courtesy of Neox, loved the art style and story telling, and loved being able to see the brush strokes in some panels.

    Can already see that this is a story i'm going to come back to regularly, even if there are no new updates.

  35. Your comic is beautiful! I actually have your painting 'The Journey Begins' fav'd on StumbleUpon. I loved it as soon as I saw it. As a kid, everyone wishes to be whisked away to a fantastic world full of magic and adventure. I think your painting captures that dream perfectly. I'm really glad it's actually part of a bigger project. Good luck!

  36. Absolutely brilliant, Daniel. This could turn out to be the best Christmas present I get every year if you keep the schedule!

  37. Thank you all so much for your overwhelming response! I can not tell you how happy I feel now and how eager I am to start working on the next chapter. I wish everyone a happy new year!

  38. This is absolutely wonderful! I love the sense of nostalgia for childhood inherent in even the sense of the color in these panels. The story so far is engaging, and I can't wait to see what happens to our little protagonist! Congrats on getting the first chapter up!

    PS--I also really enjoyed the fire scene. It had an amazing quality of memory.

  39. Bin nun über Nerdcore auf den Comic gestoßen.

    Wunderbar. Keep up the good work!

  40. Habe ebenfalls den Beitrag auf Nerdcore gelesen. Nachdem ich dort das Bild gesehen hatte, musste ich einfach sofort dein Comic verschlingen.
    Ich mag diesen Zeichenstil - wirklich großartige Arbeit.
    Freue mich schon auf Kapitel 2.
    Vielen Dank.

  41. Amazing work Daniel! Everything looks so good; the lighting and shadows, the colors, the settings. Great inspiration. Looking forward to the second chapter!

  42. I just discovered your site via a web of links from your "The Journey Begins" piece on It moved me so much that I began to dig and ended up here. I'm glad I kept digging. Beautiful work...and inspiring at the same time. I know how hard it is to come home after a long day at work and work on something you love. I'm doing the same thing as a writer.

    Anyway, site bookmarked and hopefully I can make a donation soon.

  43. found this on boing boing. really nice work!

  44. I love the style in this comic so much, I hope I'll ever learn to paint this way. I would love to know what brushes you've used, the brushwork is beautiful!

  45. Found this site via boingboing, and boy is it good! I'm really looking forward to Chapter 2 but anticipate that I'll have to reread Chapter 1 a few times before I get to see the sequel ;-).

    A question: since you're German, is there any chance we can have a German translation? I'd love to show this to a friend whose English isn't good enough to fully understand/appreciate the story as-is. Or maybe you could do what Karl Kerschl does with The Abominable Charles Christopher ( ) and use fan-donated translations into various languages?

    Anyway, thank you for using your talent and hard work to produce something so outstanding for us!

  46. In fact, I'm planning translations. I can do the German translation by myself, my wife can do the Spanish translation and I've already found someone for the French and the Russian translation as well. I just have to figure out how to incorporate this into my year but yeah, I definitely want to see the Wormworld Saga translated.

  47. Really love the artwork! It makes me want to paint something like that myself.
    - Alanah, age 8

  48. Chapter 1 was amazing. The artwork is spectacular. Here's hoping there's a chapter 2 in the works.

  49. Dan, amazing work. Your illustrations remind me that a boy hides under a blanket somewhere inside me. He's got a blanket snorkel and a flashlight and can't wait to see more. Take care.


    BTW, is the town with the two skyscrapers real ?

  51. It's a good start so far! Nice graphics. I'm more of a quality guy so hopefully the story is long and full of substance. :D. How often are the chapters updated?

  52. This is spectacular! I stumbled across your Journey Begins piece on the Internet sometime ago, unaware that it was yours. I found it so deeply moving that I put it as my computer background for a long time. I still put it up every once in a while. I stumbled across your Wormworld Saga today and found it just as moving. When I got to the end and realized it was part of the same thing as Journey Begins, it was like my eyes had been opened into a deeper world. As a science fiction and fantasy writer myself, I can identify with your writing on many levels, but what I like the most about your work is not how I can identify with it as a writer. Rather, I find that your work stirs some deeper part of me that I remember from my childhood and seek to maintain today. I felt compelled to donate because of how amazing your work is. :)

  53. Dear Daniel, Carlos from Ecuador, hope you remind me. Man, im glad to see that the first chapter its finished, but, i think, im not dissaponited, i mean, its great, but.......IT WAS TOOOO SHOOORT. Man you left me wanting more! I waited so long for this, and im rapt for the upcoming history, Im so anxious to see what's next. I see it it used by the great corporations in movies, or video games, I dont know, there are so much probabilities, its a wonderful history that will become memorable to all eons... I really want to buy one of the pictures, "The journey Beggins" espcipfically, im going to save a little to buy one copy, you are great, you know that...
    Sorry if I exceded a little, im just excited about it... My best feelings for you Daniel, I hope to hear from you in a future...

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