Thursday, October 28, 2010

Journey Around the World - Blizzard Entertainment

Whenever I pack one of my prints of "The Journey Begins" and bring it to the post office I wonder where its journey actually ends. I've already shipped prints of the artwork to many countries and sometimes people tell me where they are planning to place it. I like the idea of my image hanging on the wall of a kid's bedroom or over a cosy fireplace. On one of my recent orders I just had to ask for a photo of the print's new home:

Here you see Jason Bender and Wyatt Cheng in an epic struggle to release "The Journey Begins" from the clutches of Diablo himself. Or maybe I'm getting the whole situation wrong and the lord of darkness just did the wonderful framing job on the print and hands the piece over to his satisfied customers. However, I'm happy that this print has found a new home in the Blizzard Entertainment offices and I hope you guys there enjoy it! Thanks for your support!

Well, I enjoy seeing photos of my prints from all around the world and I'd like to share them with the readers of my blog. So, if you happen to own one of my prints of "The Journey Begins" and don't mind sharing a view of its new home (and it's owners, if you like) with me and my blog readers, please send me an email with a photo and soon we'll have a nice little series of blog entries going!


  1. How wonderful! Dear Daniel, that is absolutely great!

  2. How do we purchase prints...?

  3. You can purchase prints from my website:

    But from your question I gather that it might make sense to put a banner somewhere here on the blog. Thanks for asking!