Sunday, October 3, 2010

Milestone 4 accomplished

I've finally reached my forth milestone! 80% of the artwork for the first chapter of the Wormworld Saga Online Graphic Novel is now done. I should have reached it half a month ago but I was a bit distracted by things that appeared from nowhere. One of these things is, that I'm now represented by a Los Angeles based agency that's trying to find ways to market the Wormworld Saga. Have a look at their website to discover some panel artwork that I haven't shown to you yet! And just in case you are wondering - of course I'm still going to publish the first chapter for free as soon as it's ready. But who knows which other ways the guys of Killing the Grizzly might find to spread the word.

Well, I'm seeing the finish line now and I'm looking forward to the last milestone. It will contain some artwork that I'm longing to paint since the very beginning of the project. Just to give you a hint, this is the last panel of milestone 4:

 Ok, now I'm off to work on the last milestone. I'm getting excited!


  1. Wish you all the best with this project! Can't await to see the whole first chapter colorised.

    Be creative

  2. just 20% more....................................

  3. @ Melo

    Fortunately, you won't have to buy anything. The first chapter wil be published for free on the internet. So, you just have to enjoy. :)

  4. Nice to hear some news about the novel. Keep up the good work and I hope to see the first chapter very soon. Also, I have to thank you for your incredible wallpaper of Wormworld, it has been giving color to my desktop for some months right now.

  5. Hi Daniel, great art work you have going here. I'm currently working on an assignment. I had to choose Artist, so I chose you. I'm building a website.
    hope you don't mind, I will be building a website for you "4my project" & use lot of your images, don't worry I won't selling anything :) just for my assignment.
    It wud be great if u cud reply to this thou :)