Thursday, March 4, 2010

Finished sculpting

Finally I've finished the concept sculptings of my main character. It took me quite some time to arrive at this point but I'm happy that I've invested that time (close to 15 hours, for those who care about the figures). I really love sculpting and it is a great way to get to know a character. As you can see, I have created a full body figure. I really wanted to get the full picture here.

So, please let me introduce you to Jonas Berg

Also, I created a set of emotional states. That was especially fun to do.

And it was the moment, when the character really started "speaking" to me. The character lived in my head for quite some time now. But his picture was blured and whenever I sketched him he turned out a different character.

It's a strange feeling to dismiss all these possibilities and to commit to a "face". But now that it's there I'm able to connect much more directly to the character. He's there, he's real. He asks me questions and challenges me to send him on his adventure. Somehow I now feel responsible for him.

And it'll make a hell of an action figure, won't it?  ;)

Next on my schedule is a teaser artwork for ... well, a not yet to be revealed project. But soon the curtain will be raised and I'm really excited about it!


  1. Wow man, this is really cool to see how you figure this guy out. I can totally appreciate developing a character in this way now. I just wish I knew Mudbox or Zbrush. If I do something like this for my next project then I'll probably sculpt it with clay. What a great looking character you have. I'm excited to see more.

  2. Yeah, I have to second that. These are amazing. Look out, Pixar.

  3. It's great how the concept turned out. I'm not sure it would give a good action figure since he's so damn small (where would the articulation points would be) but he could give a nice statue.

  4. Nice one, like especially the patches on the knees and the bicycle(?) gloves – only the wool bale from 'The Journey Begins' is left. The idea behind your Zbrush sculpture is a really good one I think to take the step after only having an idea of your protagonist. You said it: He comes to live. At least his visual site. What I would be afraid about in your place, is to bind myself to much to this very defined picture. Particularly then if I want him to send through “serious trouble” to quote you. Experience changes us and not only our inner self it is also reflected in our appearance. In visual story telling this play imo an important role. Just my two coins – even if I have got a notion that your have considered that and a plan up your sleeve.

    PS.: Has the other project incidentally something to do with Captain Orion ^^

    PPS.: Ich hoffe das Englisch eines stillen Mitlesers des DAF ist nicht all zuschlecht.

  5. @ Jason & Nate:

    Thanks for your comments and the inspiration I get from your graphic novel projects! I'm really looking forward to let the preproduction behind me and get the first chapter done.

    @ jon:

    I was just kidding but you are probably right about that. Actually it would be quite nice to have a little 3D print sit on my desktop. You got me thinking here...

    @ Fabian:

    I understand what you mean. Let's say that what we are seeing here is the point from which on changes of the character may happen throughout the story. You are totally right that a character has to change with the story. And he will, rest assured of that. What I tried to find out with the sculpting in the first place is, what I'm beginning with.

    And sorry, no hints on the mystery project just yet! :)

  6. Hey Daniel,
    genialer Charakter den du da Entwickelt hast! Ich verfolge den Jungen seit deinem ersten Entwürf(Journey Begins). Wirklich toll!! Ich bin gespannt auf den ersten Teaser! Ich wünsch dir weiterhin viel Erfolg! Das werd ich auf jedenfall weiter verfolgen!

  7. I followed the link on Jason Brubaker's Blog and ended up here and I just had to say that you make some awesome art man! Very impressive!

  8. What do you sculpt with? Is it a digital sculpting, or hand-made?

  9. @ Anonymous:

    These sculptings were made in ZBrush with heavy use of Photoshop for compositing.