Friday, February 19, 2010

Protagonist sculpting progress

I think I have done some good progress on the ZBrush sculpting of the protagonist. The version from the last post looks totally creepy to me now. It would be better to post this stuff not until it had rested for a bit. Well, this version is from today and - again - I like it right at the moment but hey - I liked the first one, too. So I guess there's still some stuff to improve on this one. Your input is greatly appreciated, by the way! Right now I think that maybe the eyebrow is a bit too heavy. However, I'm starting to like the little fella. He looks like he could stand some adventure but he also shows a certain fragility. Well, I'm not going to rely heavily on sculptings like this for the production of the graphic novel artwork. I'm going to use them for general lighting reference and in fact it's not too important to totally nail the character in this 3D version. But right at the moment it's a fun way for me to learn more about this guy. I'm going to send him through some serious trouble and, well ... I hope he doesn't get too mad at me.

Hey, and I learned to split my progress into smaller postings!


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  2. dir scheint dieser kleine Junge echt an Herz gewachsen zu sein. Mir gefällt es, dass du nicht nur 3 verschiedene Ansichten gemacht hast, sondern gleich mehrere ^^

  3. I don't know. He looks so somber, not innocent at all. It diminishes the feeling of fantasy a little bit, at least for me.


  4. Hey Daniel, I really like your work. Will definitly be checking in on this blog more often.