Sunday, May 1, 2016

Chapter 8 - Ambush in the Mushroom Forest

I proudly present Chapter 8 of the Wormworld Saga Digital Graphic Novel!

Go read it on!

I really enjoyed creating this chapter. Finally we're traveling again, right? And finally we've got what starts to feel like a decent party of adventurers. The story is moving towards the central climax, the turning point, everything gets shaken up. I don't want to say more about it, only that I hope you'll enjoy this latest installment of the Wormworld Saga!

You'll also notice some changes on the website. I've created a shiny new header but the more fundamental changes happened in the background. I've completely updated the website code which now makes it a LOT easier for me to manage the content although you will see nothing of this on the surface. What you WILL see though is that I have now moved the special content from the retired Wormworld Saga App, which later was featured in "The Attic" subscription area, right onto If you are a supporter on, you'll be able to login with your Patreon account and access everything.

I'll now leave you with the poster version of the new website header.


  1. Wie immer flasht mich bereits das erste Panel, so dass ich am liebsten selbst ins Bild springen und darin herumlaufen möchte, ich bin total entzückt! Und immer wieder klasse, wie du ganz bestimmte Lichtstimmungen einfängst, das ist meisterhaft. Schade nur, dass der Hinterhalt im Pilzwald noch nicht ausgeführt ist, da hätte ich jetzt schon gern gewusst, was das wird, wenn's fertig ist :)

  2. AAAh! I've just wondered what's new..and then..a whole new chapter comes! Just in time :) I LOVE IT SO MUCH ! Good luck with everything !:)