Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Chapter 8, Final Artwork Completed!

Once again it's done - another chapter of the Wormworld Saga is completely illustrated!

As always, it feels weird to reach this point. But this time I don't have much time to think about the production that lies behind me because the production of Chapter 9 will start as soon as possible. The production budget is secured and I want to provide you Chapter 9 as soon as possible. When you read Chapter 8, you'll know why. :)

As for the release date, I can't commit to a fixed date just yet because the translations are still edited AND Chapter 8 will launch on a completely revamped website. I'm still working on it although the majority of tasks is already accomplished. Most of the adjustments won't be directly visible to the visitors of the website as they are "under the hood" and simply make my life easier when it comes to updating and maintaining the content. However, there's one major new feature of the upcoming website update that will add a whole new layer of content to

In my next update I'll announce the launch date of Chapter 8. Until then I'll leave you with the final preview image of this production: