Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Final Week on Kickstarter!

Yup, we're already three weeks into the ongoing kickstarter campaign for Volume 2 of the English Wormworld Saga Book Edition. And we've already come a long way, unlocked a pile of free goodies and there's a resin figure - a  R E S I N   F I G U R E - available for a moderate upgrade fee:

It's not that the doors are closing any moment but if you'd join the ranks of the backers now, we would be able to unlock even more free stuff for everyone!


  1. Hello Daniel,

    re: a totally irrelevant post from a new reader

    I stumbled across your graphic novel by accident an hour ago and have been hooked since! It's so gorgeous!!! *>*

    I am from India and I especially loved the Indian touch to Wormworld...and when I entered Kingspeak, I was so excited to see Bengali signboards in the city! However, just a minor complaint (more of a 'whine', actually)...the Bengali letters do not add up to mean anything and though that does no hurt to the stunning artwork and captivating storyline per se, I as a reader (and a Bengali) would absolutely ADORE it if those signposts read what you wanted them to read, in Bengali!!! Don't you think it would lend an inessential but nonetheless wonderful authenticity to your already beautiful work? :D

    PLEASE consider this as a request from the newest fan of your graphic novel!!!


  2. Hey Anweshan,

    let me tell you how I ended up with the Bengali letters:

    I knew that I wanted to have signs with writing in the city. First the plan was to create my own alphabete but I then decided to search for ancient scriptures on the internet. The bengali scripture ended up to be my favorite but I actually had NO idea that it was still used. I thought that it would just be a set of ancient letters that nobody would be able to read. So I just used the Bengali letters to build my own alphabete in which I exchanged every Latin letter with a Begali one. The signs are actually written in German language but with the exchanged letters. If you figure out the code (which Bengali letter replaced which Latin letter) you could read the signs. I later learned that the Begali letters are still in use and you are not the first one to point out that the writing on the signs makes no sense.

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