Sunday, April 12, 2015

Chapter 7 - Fateful Encounters

I proudly present Chapter 7 of the Wormworld Saga Digital Graphic Novel!

Go read it on!

After I had finished the layout work on Chapter 7, I took some time to read all chapters of the Wormworld Saga in one session. It took me over 1,5 hours to do this and I started thinking about the fact that each panel I glanced over during these 1,5 hours - by the way, 813 in total - took me at least 2 hours to paint. Some took me over 20 hours.

Now there are 7 chapters of the Wormworld Saga and we've already discovered a lot on our journey at Jona's side. However, things only begin to tighten up in this chapter. The cast of characters grows and the contradicting ambitions of these characters take shape. The inevitable encounter with the Dark Minions lurks on the horizon but are they the only danger the Wormworld is facing?

I'm really beginning to enjoy all the implications and ambiguities in the story and I'm looking forward to the turning points they will cause in the story.

I'm already eager to start with Chapter 8 but I don't know yet when this will happen. I'm currently trying to gather funds for the production. If you want to support the Wormworld Saga I'd like to point you at the kickstarter campaign that launched alongside Chapter 7:

Here's the link to the campaign page:

The goal is to continue the English Wormworld Saga book series with Volume 2. If you are interested but have missed the campaign for Volume 1 you can catch up with the series by pledging for a bundle of Volume 1 and 2 in this campaign.

I hope you enjoy the new chapter and I'm doing my best to continue the Wormworld Saga as soon as possible.


  1. Hey, Daniel, congratulations to your next milestone on your personal journey.

    While reading old chapters, do you have the urge to repaint panels or details here and there? Or will you never touch them again to purposely show the reader the evolution of the visual style (and preserve consistency with the printed edition)? Or did you already repaint something while layouting the books?

    I wanted to ask these questions yesterday, but missed the hangout.

    1. Hey Zach,

      thank you!

      I definitely see some of the older chapters and think that they could use an overhaul. Did you notive that there's no structures inside the ears of the characters in Chapter 2? And in Chapter 3, Raya looks horrible in my opinion. But as you said, this is part of my journey as an artist and I don't plan to revise the old chapters. If I encounter something that could be better I just plan to do it better in the next chapter. Anything else would just render me insane. :)

    2. Especially Raya's hair (hair in general) evolved a lot over the chapters towards painting efficiency. And you are using the outline filter more subtly. I did not see the missing ear details at all. One other thing i noticed in chapter 7 were the clothes of Raya's husband, which look out of place because they do not contain any detail (but i guess you did this on purpose).

  2. Quote from Twitter: "That's my favorite panel of Chapter 7. Can you feel the heat in your face? "

    It's my favorite panel, too. But this guy is seems perfectly fine with any heat:
    He doesn't even need gloves. :)

  3. Hehe, you know, Scrats are known for their high tolerance to heat. That's actually the fact why they are working in the facility. It has something to do with their history and where they used to live in the past of the Wormworld...

  4. At the moment I am illustrating a childrens books with 65-70 paintings. And I must say, I admire the consistance of your style over all those meters and meters of panels, because now I realize, that it's not so easy, not to change my style. As the work continues, I am enhancing my workflow and see what I can do better. But I must not, because it would look too different from the paintings in the beginning. Uaaah, that's soooo hard, to resist! :D

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