Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chapter 7, Milestone 2 reached!

I'm in full production mode right now, painting away hour after hour and I just reached the 40% mark. I was hoping to reach this point by last Friday but a particularly detailed background demanded some extra work. So I'm 2 days off my schedule right now but I hope to make up for that in the following three milestones.
After all I now have free evenings again because I completed the fulfillment of the last kickstarter campaign yesterday. It's a very good feeling to have wiped this task off my slate. I'll try to enjoy the rest of the Chapter 7 production now without being distracted. Especially since with the launch of Chapter 7 there will start the next kickstarter campaign for the second volume of the English Wormworld Saga book series. That again promises to be a lot of work on the side.

So, here's the preview image of this milestone and I'll directly hurry on to the next one:


  1. HI Daniel,

    hab grad über Google+ erfahren, dass Du schon bei der 40%-Marke angekommen bist.

    Warte schon ungeduldig auf Band 3.

    Noch viel Spaß beim malen,

    Karsten Franke

  2. Just curious, what language is that?

  3. It's German. The native language of Daniel Lieske.

  4. Hi Daniel,

    I've been a follower of the Worm World Saga since the beginning, and it's inspired me to try some visual storytelling of my own. I have a few technical questions about your own process if that's ok?

    1. Do you work in CMYK or RGB? The main purpose of my own project will be print, but I'd also like the artwork to really shine when viewed online so I'm curious as to how you approach this issue.

    2. Looking at the sneak peak image you posted above, you seem to have no trouble creating and preserving hard edges throughout an illustration. This is something that I find very time consuming, so do you have any tips on how to achieve this in a speedy way?

    Thank you,


    1. Hey Shane,

      no problem, here's my answers:

      1. I work in RGB since my main target is the screen. CMYK is a smaller color space (with less colors that can be displayed) so you loose some nuances of color when you go into print. However, printing workflows have been adapted well to convert RGB into CMYK and I've never experienced any problems with my approach. I think generally it's a good idea to work in a larger color space even if you plan to work for print. Scaling down is better than scaling up.

      2. I use a lot of selections in my work. All shapes are created with the lasso tool first and then filled with a flat color. That gives them a crisp quality. I also like to work with hard edged brushes in full opacity. If I need certain portions of the painting to be more blurred/soft I use mixer brushed or the smudge tool to control the level of blur manually.

      I hope that helps you a bit!

  5. That helps a lot! Thanks so much for the detailed answer.

  6. Hello! I just recently came back here after a couple of years. I remember the mystical feeling when I found out about the WormWorld Saga, The first chapter was so magical and then I come back I find that there's already 5 more! Thank you for your hard work! I hope this great story doesn't gets interrupted, it's incredible!

    I wondered something during the whole time reading, though: ¿How do you do it? ¿Do you paint these by hand and then edit them digitally or is it all done straight in a computer? ¿What software do you work on?

    1. Hey Kay,

      thanks for your nice words!

      I paint the Wormworld Saga in Adobe Photoshop and I also do the layout there. If you want to see which steps exactly I'm taking you can visit my YouTube channel where my process is documented in a small series of videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCOeXuiji1G5O7DjSe-VLAg

    2. My God. What a process! I think I've been using PS wrong all my life :').

      Thank you for your feedback!